April 6, 2012

The Crud

Well, apparently 2 months of the crud back in October/November wasn't enough for us.  We were ungraciously given it again, by a fellow family member who will remain nameless....thank you nephew!  

Seems to be in the beginning stages, but makes you feel like....well .... crud.  Really bad headache, upset stomach, runny nose, etc.

So far it is just myself and Tom, but will be keeping an eye on Joe for signs of it too. Thankfully it's Friday, so thinking we will just take it easy and start our weekend early.

In other news
-Dad is doing great, and able to downgrade from a walker to a cane, just to give him some stability.  He will be off his steroids completely by this time next week, so hopefully that will not only bring his sugars down to normal levels, but stop the swelling in his feet and such.  Ironic, they gave him it to stop the swelling in his brain, but it causes it elsewhere.

-I have jumped back into genealogy with both feet, and am excited at some of the information I have found.  I am starting a blog for that, separate from this one.  I will add a link when it's fully set up.

-Finally got "the email"....the landlords are starting north for the summer on the 21st.  That gives me just over 2 weeks (it will take them nearly a week to get here), to get things situated.

Now to go curl up in bed and take a nap.  Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your fmaily, too.

    I hope that your family doesn't get sick. That is no fun.

    I"m glad that your dad is doing better!!!

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of CAlifornia, Heather :)

  2. Eeep! Does that mean you have to be OUT of the house by then??

    So glad to hear your dad continues to improve. That's wonderful.

    Happy Easter to you and yours. Hope this sickiness leaves your home quickly!

  3. Oh no, not at all Mama Pea! That just means I have 2 weeks to get my bedroom and other horror areas of the house straightened out before they get here and do their "walk through" like they did last year. No, my lease is not up until June 30th, so I am here until then.

    Happy Easter!!!