April 19, 2012

Dad's In The Hospital

I have been home for about an hour and a half.  Got a call from my brother about 11 this morning, asking me to go down and take mom and dad to the hospital.  I told him I would be down at 1 for his radiation appointment, and he informed me that the cancer doc wanted dad admitted and they wouldn't be doing the radiation today.

So far what we know is that something might be going on in his abdomen.  The cancer doc is most likely going to order a scan for tomorrow.  His numbers are low...for no reason that they know of.

We are holding our breath though, knowing that it could be bad news.

Please pray. Will keep you updated.


  1. Thoughts and prayers going out to you and your family, Stephanie. Keep thinking good thoughts.

  2. Oh no! My prayers are with you and your folks too.

  3. I'll definitely be praying for your daddy!!! Please keep us updated on his condition as you feel comfortable doing so!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  4. My prayers are with you right now, this evening, and for as long as you need and want them. Prayers for strength and peace for your family.

  5. The whole blogging family will be praying for you and the family, don't worry.

  6. whole lot of prayers heading to you