April 8, 2012

Happy Ressurection Day

I sure hope you all have a wonderful day today with family, whether you do the formal celebrations or not.

We are not this year.  The kids are pretty much too old for the whole basket, egg coloring thing now.  I will buy some candy on clearance tomorrow while at the store, and they will get some, lest you think I totally abuse my kids lol.  I watched a few videos online for my bible reading this week, and prefer to avoid the whole packed church thing.

I got a major feat accomplished yesterday, in finally finishing cleaning my bedroom.  I managed to pack up 3 boxes of stuff that I don't use on a daily basis, but don't want to get rid of because it will be used (mostly computer and office type stuff).  The boys helped me get the oversized, and overly heavy 2nd  hand desk out of there and into the garage.  I wanted to put it straight out to the curb for a freebie, but we are supposed to get on and off drizzle for the next few days, so will wait till next weekend or early next week.

 It looks so much better without two desks in there!  Down the road I would like to get a 4 drawer file cabinet to keep all my genealogy files, and homeschool stuff in, since both are growing by leaps and bounds...but that will be awhile before I do that.  I am so enjoying having less stuff!  It feels so much more relaxing, to look around and not see piles of things that I never touch or use, and dust maybe once a year.

The rest of my time has been spent immersed in my family genealogy research.  It is blowing my mind how much more is available in the way of records on sites like the LDS Family Search.  I found things I had been looking for, for about 20 years.  I still have one great grandfather who is being an elusive bugger, but have submitted my "brick wall" to Ancestry's help people, in the hopes they will use my family member as an example for one of their blog posts or videos.  Sure would be nice to get over that hurdle.  Then I would be able to trace all parent's family lines.  Of course I will hit more brick walls, as the family lines split in different directions and more is added, but I am so excited at what I have found so far!  It really is a huge addiction for me, almost as much as my coffee and Smarties candy lol.

I had plans of going to the dump, and really should today, but I am just not "feeling it".  Yesterday I felt a lot better than I did the day before, but today the headache seems to be back. I think some of that is stress, but also worry about my dad.  He seems to be getting confused again, and searching for words.  My first thought is that it is due to the steroid meds being reduced.  I am wondering if he is having swelling again?  Going to ask mom to call the doctor and ask. He won't be having another scan on his head for another few weeks.

Hope you all have a blessed week!


  1. happy Easter to you and your family,I'm to stressed to really talk,my daughter and her situation has me maxed,as if it wasn't enough ,all the stuff with my daughter-in-law.And it all has to do with mental illness. I'm starting to think 1/2 the world is impaired

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Judy. Will be praying for you and your family.