April 16, 2012

I Think I Can, I Think I Can....

I started today on a great note, getting a temporary clothesline up, and getting both boy's comforters washed along with another load of laundry.

I also got the screen changed out in the bathroom window.  That was a bit of a pain, but not too horrible.  Then came the door knob for the bathroom.  This is what the before looked like:
 Not horrific, except for the fact that the outside knob wouldn't catch on the mechanism anymore.  So if the door got closed from the hallway, you had to use a store reward card (thank goodness they give you multiples of those!), to jimmy the door open.  I got the old knob set off:

 Ewww.  No wonder it wasn't working.  I tried cleaning it up, hoping to salvage it, but the inner mechanism just wouldn't catch anymore.  So on with the new:

 Isn't she pretty! :)  Now there is just one small problem.......

 The hole in the door for the old knob is too small for the new knob.  I called my brother, but he didn't think my dad had any hole saws anymore, so off to the hardware store I go.

There was a great older gentleman there, who recommended this for me, and I am glad he did:

 The gray plastic piece with the hole in the middle (where the saw is-that is separate), screws to the face plate on the side of the door to act like a guide, so that the hole saw doesn't "dance" around.  It worked like a charm!

Now we have this:
In all honesty, this took me nearly 3 hours to complete.  I had to wait for my drill to charge (the older son borrowed it and didn't recharge it), had to run down the hill to the hardware store to get the saw, had to stop just as I was about to run the drill to take my dad to the doctor, got back, had a bite to eat, and got the door done, finally.  

I then ran another errand for my mom, so now I am sitting in my shorts and no shoes (it got to near 90 today), relaxing...because frankly, I did enough today lol.

Have a great night!


  1. Well, at least you got it done :) :) :) OH speaking of weather, it has been super warm here, too, on the central coast of CAlifornia...almost HOT...I'm glad, because it should be just perfect later when I take the dog for a walk :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California,Heather :) :) :)

  2. Wow! Good job! Those rechargeable drills are a nuisance. Dan has one that only holds a charge for 15 minutes.

  3. "Easy" jobs still take at least three hours. Nice that it's done though.....but what are you going to do with all your reward cards now?? :)

  4. big hugs ,your days sound so complicated and B-U-S-Y

  5. You are one talented and ingenious lady! Nice job.