April 11, 2012

Look What I Got In The Mail!

Mama Pea of A Home Grown Journal, recently held a giveaway on her quilting blog, Mama Pea Quilts, and I was lucky enough to win!  Now, full disclosure here, I do not know how to quilt.......yet.  It has always been on my list of things to do, and this will be perfect.  I can totally see myself making the one with pine trees and bears for my youngest son Tom, and the lighthouse one for my son Joe.  Thank you Mama Pea!!!

In other news:
-Dad got chosen in the radiation study to have the one dose, targeted radiation called SRS.  This is a huge relief to us.

-His confusion seems to be based on how tired he is.  Now that he is just about off of the steroids (they make him hyper), he has been sleeping like he hasn't slept in almost a year...ie: hours at a time, instead of 10 minute cat naps.  When he sleeps well, he is more understandable and the confusion is almost completely gone.  Interesting.

-I over slept again........sigh.  But Joe has early release today, so he is just going to stay home.  He does have a paper to email to his teacher on Romeo and Juliet, but the rest of the day will be letting him sleep as late as he wants.  Poor kid is exhausted.  He gets up at 5am for school, and lately some days, isn't getting home until 8pm due to a local play production (he is the camera man).  He told me last night that he cannot wait for vacation in another week or so, he is going to sleep through the whole thing lol.

-Tom on the other hand, is behind on his school work, due to my crazy life lately.  Need to get caught up.  Funny how our kids are so different.  If Joe were left without school work, I could count 99% of what he did in his free time as school work (educational).  Tom, not so much.  Watching videos on paranormal stuff, and playing Minecraft is not exactly educational.  Although, I am grateful for the Minecraft and other video games he plays.  He struggles sometimes with thinking things through, and these games give him practice in how to plan for what might come next.  He just doesn't have the concentration that the others did, but he's getting there:)

-They keep promising showers here in the forecast, but so far nothing.  They say that today and tomorrow will be the best days for it.  Let's hope so, it is extremely dry and brush fires are breaking out all over the place.

-I am still keeping an eye on Craiglist and local real estate listings down in NC.  My aunt is also keeping an eye on things for me in case something comes up.  I still haven't told my parents, but will by the beginning of May.  That will give them 2 months before I leave to get used to the idea.  I am also thinking of asking the kid's father, Michael, if he will do the driving of the Uhaul down there, rather than my cousin.  My cousin would probably fly up, and drive for me, but he has a big trip to CA coming up about the same time, and he has recently taken a fall that is causing his hip and back to act up.  Really can't see him driving 15 hours in a truck.   I am getting both excited and nervous at the same time about the move.

Ok, hope you all have a great hump day!  And if you are into genealogy at all, feel free to check out my new blog on that subject.  It's still in the baby stages, but I am slowly building it up.


  1. good luck in your search for land in N.C. and hope your dad is doing well. Jerry is stable with one improvement,the scan showed his tumor on the liver shrunk a little so that a good thing,I know they tell me there is no cure but there really isn't a cure either for all the headaches I have in my life right now,just found out yesterday now my son john who is only 32 has some heart problems but he has no ins but never the less ,he must see a cardiologist next week-his pulse is only 44 and his EKG, not good I guess we can never stop being a mom

  2. Congratulations! Also glad to hear your dad's treatments are going well. We will keep praying.

  3. Congratulations to your win! I always wanted to try quilting, it is on my list of things to learn.

    It's great to hear that your father was picked for the radiation study.

    The wonderful thing about homeschooling is that you don't have to follow the school year. You could add extra assignments in the summer or make the summer vacation shorter than regular vacation so that Tom can catch up. It doesn't seem like we are doing as much as I was planning so the kids will get some stuff to do in the summer..

    I just started looking into geneaology and it is fascinating stuff. I plan to spend time this year for it..I can't wait to learn more about my ancestors.

    Good luck on your move this summer. I done a few long moves myself so I can relate to all the things you need to do right now..I hope things go well..

  4. Oh my goodness, definitely into genealogy here! I've thought about doing something with it like you are, but I need another blog like I need another hole in my head. :)

    Congratulations on that win! You will love quilting. It's a wonderful creative process and for useful things as well. So glad to hear your dad is doing well. It's not surprising he still has his moments. It's just a blessing all is going as well as it is.