April 19, 2012

No Milk

Nothing makes a momma more angry at 5:00 a.m than to go to the fridge to add milk to her first cup of coffee, and find none.  Yep that is how I started my day.  Thankfully the local convenience store opens early so I was able to get some.  Just now getting ready to grab my 2nd cup, and in my head I am repeating "It's going to be a good day"...over and over and over.

Been having a hard time sleeping, with all the decisions I need to make in the near future.  I had packed about 5 boxes of miscellaneous stuff from my bedroom a week or so ago.  With my need to pare down even more, I think I will open those boxes and get rid of more stuff.  Much of it is office supply type stuff...stuff I can easily replace when I get to NC.  

It's amazing how you look at things in a new light.  I am looking at everything in the house now, as "is it necessary and irreplaceable, or can we buy it again if it is that important"?  There are obvious things we don't want have to replace:
-Joe's canoe he built
-Personal items that mean alot (certain books, photos, etc.)
-Boy's bikes (they are brand new)
-My sewing machine (brand new)
-My grandmother's kitchen table
The list could go on, but not by much.  Much of what we own in the way of furniture is all replaceable.  And this is why I can't sleep....my brain won't shut off lol.  Rather than keep stewing over it, I am going to jump in, and just go for it....start getting rid of even more.

I could do a yard sale, to make a little bit of cash, but I don't have the patience.  I may list some on Craigslist, see if I can't make some money that way.  Especially for things like furniture.  None of it is worth a ton of money, but every $20 or so dollars adds up.

Today is going to be a stunted day.  I had plans to jump into deep cleaning the kitchen, but Mom called and wants me to drive them to dad's radiation appointment today.  We have to leave here at 1pm, and will be gone probably until 5 or 6 p.m.  I cleaned out a few cabinets yesterday, throwing away stuff that was expired, and putting together a couple bags of stuff to donate to the food pantry.  I have decided to stop stocking up like I normally do.  We need to use much of what we currently have.  I have a few more cabinets to clean out of dishes we don't use/need.  If I can't get things washed down today, it will be added to my list for this weekend.

And on that note...Have a great day!


  1. I started with no tea and was equally as unimpressed!

  2. It isn't fair. Just when you need your strength and need to be well-rested, THAT'S just the time you can't sleep for beans because of the mental/emotional stress.

    But just remember that you are continuing to get SO organized and ready for this upcoming move that the actual event will go smooth as can be because of all this preparation you're doing now.

    I'm not planning a move but you motivate me to look at my household and "stuff" in a different light. Possessions can strangle us. I've never been a "saver" but I could still do a lot more organizing and simplifying. You're an inspiration, Stephanie!

    Hope your dad's appointment this afternoon goes really well for all of you.

    1. Yeah, no kidding on the sleep thing huh? Thank you so much for that compliment Mama Pea, it's making me blush!
      I have been amazed, as I first started cleaning out electric appliances to get more "off grid", and now cleaning out to move, how much I actually don't need.

  3. You should do as I do ,always have some dry milk on hand ,it works in a pinch and also have used it in cooking and no one the wiser,I like to even drink the stuff /on ice

    1. Judy, I usually do, but had some in the closet that was nasty, so recently threw it out :/