April 5, 2012

Relaxing....Sort Of

 photo courtesy of Life

Time to take a bit of a breather......now I don't see myself relaxing on the couch with a Coke (or coffee) anytime soon, but there is a bit of reprieve from the constant running.  Mom thinks she can convince Dad that he can get in and out of their car without much trouble now, so I won't be doing doctor's appointments for the foreseeable future.  Not that I begrudge my parents the help, I gladly offer it.  But it is so nice to get up in the morning, knowing I have nowhere I have to be.

Today is going to be an interesting day.  Remember that afghan I made for an old friend?  In case you forgot, it's this one:

Said old friend is coming today to pick it up.  He lives about an hour or so away.  Now in all truthfulness, said old friend is actually my very first boyfriend.  I adored him, but once we were together outside of high school, he got mixed up in alcohol and drugs, and broke my heart.  I haven't seen him in 25+ years.  He contacted me on Facebook about a year ago, seeking me out.  Apparently he had been trying to locate me for quite awhile.  He got clean and sober 6 years ago, and I was the only one he hadn't been able to apologize to, and make amends with.  He told me that it really bothered him, the hell he put me through when we were 18 and 20 (he was younger...yep cougar I was lol).  

And you know what.....I believe him 100%, and know that he is sincere in his apology.  When he wasn't drinking or high, he was an amazing person, with a heart of gold.  I am so proud of him for straightening his life out.  I can't wait to see him today, and get to reminisce a bit.  And before you go there......he got married last November, so no, there is no inkling of a romance.  Just good friends who get to catch up.

And then to add to the day, it was just put online in our local newspaper's website, and then broadcast over the local radio station, that starting at 9am, about 10 towns will be purposely shut off from their electric for repairs.  Who do you think lives in one of those towns?  Yep, little 'ol me!  Fun fun!  Just hope they don't keep it off all day.

Have a great day!


  1. thats amazing Stephanie,I love to hear recovery stories ,you should sent him my video I just put on face book ,about a amazing guy with no legs or arms and goes around the wold preaching ,if he can do it -do can anyone ,not to rub it in your friends face but only for reassurance. glad dad is doing better ,your mom must be wore out to ,i woke up to Jerry had a accident and baby put gramps remote in his glass of water

  2. I think we will see more of these outages in the future, especially where the lines are getting old.
    Hope your reunion goes well.