April 15, 2012

Sunday Doin's

I didn't get photos this time of my decluttering, so you will just have to take my word for it....You know you can trust me :P

So this first one actually happened Saturday, but I'm not writing a separate post just for it, so it gets tucked into Sunday's.  I took an entire truckload of approximately 6 bags, 5 boxes, and assorted things that wouldn't fit in boxes....wait for it.......to the Goodwill!! :)  The young guy that was working there was fabulous, and brought one of the wheelie carts they have, right out to my truck to save me from carrying everything.  The only thing they wouldn't take was a child's booster seat for sitting at the kitchen table.  I left that for someone to snag at the dump.

I also got 4 pressed wood bookcases that were in various forms of decrepidation (yes, I just made up my own word), taken apart, and on my mother's burn pile.  I doubt they will burning anytime soon, due to the dry conditions, but that's ok, it will get burned eventually.

In the course of the weekend I also took about 12 bags of trash to the dump.  No it was not all household trash (although we did have 2 weeks worth), it was a bit of junk that couldn't be given to Goodwill too.

So, although I wanted to get more done, I did make a good dent.  Tomorrow will be spent replacing the door knob on the bathroom door, since if you close it from the outside you can't open it.  Also need to replace the screen in the bathroom window (daughter locked herself out of the house sometime last year, and used the open window to get in, tearing the screen in the process).  Other than some areas that need cleaning, I should be pretty much ready for the landlord when they come.

I will keep decluttering, getting rid of stuff.  The sad thing to me, in all of this, is how much I valued stuff in the past :/  But I am a better person now, and know what is really important.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Lawdy, lawdy, Stephanie, you need to rent yourself out as a professional declutterer! You really know how to do it, Girl!

    I think the fact that you're getting rid of a lot of stuff that up until recently you thought was "very important" indicates that you're changing and growing. If we all could just keep doing that as we go through life, we'd be better off!

  2. So we will not see you on Hoarders ??

  3. Wow- very productive! And..love the new word:)

  4. who is to say if its junk or otherwise,treasured valuables? Isn't it amazing how much we accumulate and still keep dumping ,I don't know how many trips the boys already made at $60.00 a pop ,most places are higher,glad at least the recycle yard waste place just re-opened ,I already have at least 15 bags ( the longer you let them sit,well,hauling in a van is a necessity for us since none have a truck but they have to be double bagged ,tarp underneath,drama ,drama drama--lol

  5. Gosh, you're doing a ton of work, cleaning out and decluttering. But doesn't it feel good. Like the "lightness" of what's around you also makes you feel lighter and less bogged down. Love it!