April 3, 2012

Swiffer, Homeschooling, and Exhaustion

Yes, quite the eclectic mix in that title isn't there? :)  Let's start with that Swiffer.  

I have an older version of the mop, that is missing the battery pack (lost in our last move?).  So what do you do with a mop that runs on batteries, that can no longer spray out the cleaner from the bottle....Several things actually.  Our bathroom has no exhaust fan, and despite leaving the window open a bit while taking a shower, the ceiling gets soaked from the steam.  The kids don't wipe it down no matter how many times I ask them too.  Why I didn't think of this before, I will never be able to tell you, other than to say...I like to do things the hard way first apparently lol.  I threw a new pad on the swiffer after I took a shower the other day, and it worked amazingly for drying the ceiling.  Soaked all that water up in no time, and even cleaned the ceiling at the same time.  Who woulda' thunk it?  Duh!

The second use for it.....I recently told you about the Old English stuff that I bought for the floor.  Well after putting it on the dining room floor on my hands and knees, with a dry cloth, the floor looked great, but a bit slick.  I let it sit for a couple hours, and then, using a new swiffer pad on the mop again, wiped the entire floor down.  It did a great job of soaking up any extra oily residue that was left from the Old English, but still left the floor looking great.  Sort of like a buffer.  I did try using the mop in one spot to do the initial laying of the Old English, but it doesn't do as good a job as the dry rag on my hands and knees.  You have more control that way, and can work it into the scratches and such that you need to hide.

Homeschooling....ahhh, where to start.  I am going to head to my homeschooling blog here in a minute, to add a post, asking for advice.  It's been a struggle for sure lately.  Not because of our curriculum, nor Tom's lack of enjoyment for school work (although that can be a struggle at times)....nope, all because of the constant running since Dad's surgery.  I was hoping things would settle down, but they have only gotten worse when it comes to the time we are on the road or generally away from home.

And that is where the exhaustion comes in.  I have been running Mom and Dad to all his doctor appointments.  I do not understand how the doctor's expect him to heal and get his stamina back if they have him on the road almost every day.  But, my mother needs to put her foot down.  Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about, this is what it has been like since last week:

Monday-no appt.
Tuesday-no appt.
Wednesday- Appt with physician's assistant at local doctor's office, to discuss the high sugar caused by the steroids they have him on.  Dr. isn't in, but needs to check the open wound he has, so another appointment is scheduled for Friday.
Thursday-Go to see special radiologist 30 mins away, for an hour long appt.
Friday- Back to the local Dr. to have the wound checked....puts him on antibiotics, wants him to see wound care 30 mins away.  Waiting on appt for that.
Monday- Appt with surgeon 45 mins away.  Office was running about 40 mins behind schedule (they should have called us to let us know).  Got staples out, dropped steroid doses to wean him off them, wants to make him an appt with a neurologist 30 mins from our house, to see about dropping his seizure meds down in dosage.  Talked about research study dealing with radiation, decided he does want to sign up for it, so had to stop and see special radiologist in another town on the way home, over an hour there, before finally getting back home.  

In total, we are averaging 3-5hrs each day running to doctor's appointments.  I am exhausted, and I didn't just have a tumor taken out of my head.  I can only imagine how my father feels.  No wonder he is so cranky lately.  And of course, when he is cranky he takes it out on my mom, who is cranky herself because she is exhausted.  I have told my mother that she needs to put her foot down with these doctors as far as scheduling these appointments one on top of the other.  She also needs to talk to the family Doc about the wound care.  There is no reason they cannot do an order for the visiting nurses, who already come to the house 2 times a week, to take care of it.  He shouldn't have to go 30 mins from home, to yet another doctor, to have this cleared up.  The only reason it isn't gone yet (he has had it since before the surgery), is because in the hospital they didn't care for it.  

In the meantime, I did manage to sneak in some cleaning on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  Not as much as I would have liked, but I made a dent.  Trying to keep up with my own stuff, while being there for Mom and Dad is hard.  I love my parents and would do anything for them, but it would be nice if a certain younger brother, who isn't working at the moment, stepped up too.  He had the nerve to tell me to my face a week or so ago "I'm the only one who is there for Mom and Dad when they really need something".  Yeah, to say I was less than impressed with that is an understatement.  I didn't say anything back, but I also have zero patience for him.  He is so "there" for my parents, that while I have to go hang out with Dad on Saturday morning so Mom can go grocery shopping, he is out in the garage, rebuilding a jeep that he uses for mudding.  Not something that he needs to get on the road because he needs a working vehicle...no it's a toy.  Rather than hang out with dad, giving me a bit of a break since I have been doing all the running all week, he has to work on his "toy". He has always been full of himself, but his attitude lately is pushing all my buttons the wrong way.  I bite my tongue though, and just let it go.

Sorry, didn't mean to turn that into a rant.....guess it's just the exhaustion and frustration coming through.  Dad really is doing amazingly well.  He probably will give up the walker in a week or so, once he doesn't have such a "drugged" feeling.  He says he needs it for stability because of the meds they have him on, but with them being reduced, he should be able to get a bit more of his energy and balance back.

Ok, off to get busy for the day....no actual appointments, so hoping to get quite a bit done. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I think it's good for you, Stephanie, to be able to let it all out and "rant" here on your blog knowing you'll find sympathetic ears to listen.

    Yeah, the whole health care system is so specialized anymore that we have to see a specialist to take care of many of the things the old-fashioned general practitioner would normally have done It's silly. And sad.

    As for your brother, as you say, if he's always been full of himself, and it's been working for him, why should he change now? Sigh. He knows exactly what the situation is (um, how many appointments did HE take your folks to?) and likes the status quo so makes up his own reality to excuse his actions. Sigh.

  2. Thanks for listening Mama Pea :) Yes my brother has always been that way, guess it's just my age and exhaustion letting it get to me more than usual. Although we have gone long times before without talking, due to his attitude. Shouldn't be that way with family, but sometimes it is. Hugs!