April 28, 2012

The Weekend

The boys are off at dad's.  He came and got them yesterday afternoon, and had them bring their fishing poles.  He has a lot to do this weekend around his place, but they are hoping to get in at least some casting time.

I sure hope they dress warm, it's darn cold here.  We got a front that went through the other day, bringing high winds, and cold air.  What the heck happened to the 60's??  I would settle for that.  Although it still hasn't felt warm since that little tease in March, because I don't think we have gone one day with out some sort of wind. :/  I seriously think the winds all day yesterday and last night were right up there with the winds we got last year from Irene.

Nothing much doin' here, just puttering cleaning.  Have a good chunk of one corner of the basement sorted.  Still a few more things to pack up for Goodwill there, but won't take long.  Hoping to make a trip down there this week to get rid of it all.  I was talking to the ex yesterday while he was here, about a nasty green couch in my garage that I need to get rid of, but our dump charges $40.  He offered to take it for me when he does a big load to his dump. Whew...that is one thing that I couldn't get rid of if I paid someone to take it.  Neon green, scratchy ugly fabric.  Yuck.

I still haven't been able to talk to him about NC yet.  Praying I can maybe this week or next.  Need to start making some final decisions about stuff.  Like how much are we really going to be able to bring with us.  Ideally, as far as furniture goes, I want to bring my small loveseat, our beds, 3 smallish bureaus, my grandmother's kitchen table, my 8 folding chairs (they are antique wood ones- although I could store them here somewhere in NH, maybe with the ex).  That about sums up the furniture.  We don't need much, and I can always pick up things like an extra chair for the livingroom at a flea market down there.  But I also need room for the boy's bikes, and Joe's canoe.  Other than that, just some boxes of household must haves and clothes.  Think we could easily do it with his truck, my SUV and maybe a trailer behind his truck.  That would be fabulous!

Time will tell :)  Dad is doing good, he is home and getting stronger every day.  He is confused, and we won't know for some time yet, whether this is permanent or not.  The family drama continues, and I am avoiding it as much as I can.  I am done with that mess.

I just can't keep putting myself out there, only to be torn down at every turn.  I have finally realized that my brother and I will never be the friends we were as kids, and we shouldn't have much contact with each other.  This just reaffirms my belief, gut feeling, and dream, that I need to get to NC.  Sooner rather than later.  I need to live my life before it's gone, and while I love my parents, I have been living my life, for the most part, according to what they want since I was little.  I am almost 46...time to live mine.

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