May 23, 2012

Amazing News!!

Last week my dad went in for a full body scan (minus the head).  We have been on pins and needles since then, waiting for his doctor's appointment, to find out the results.

Yesterday was the day, and I had to wait till the afternoon for the call from my mom, but the results are in.....Not a speck of cancer in his body!!!!  *Insert delirious happy dance here*.  He isn't due for the scan of his head for another month, but they aren't expecting to find anything there either.

This is a blessing from G-d for sure, and we are all breathing a sigh of relief.  That is the only way that it can be explained, a gift.  

He is also, slowly, getting back to his old self, personality wise, as his brain heals from the surgery.  We knew it would take quite awhile, but then he had the setback of getting sick a few weeks after the surgery, and it seemed like it was going to be permanent.  He may always have a bit of short term memory loss, but nothing like what it was a month ago.

Thank you all for your prayers!!!


  1. Thank goodness! So very glad that his tests went well :)

  2. What a true blessing for you all to receive. I would think this would push his recovery (emotionally/mentally) into overdrive!