May 25, 2012

Awesome Birthday

Yes, the Fed Ex guy made my birthday awesome!  He showed up about 3pm yesterday afternoon.  I happened to be just outside the back door.  He went to my daughter's bedroom door and knocked, so I went around the corner of the garage, and my eyes lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning.  The laptop is back!  All better :)  Now it will probably take me a week to get it set back up the way I like it, with my various software and documents, but that is's back!

I got tons of beautiful well wishes for my birthday from my friends here and on Facebook.  And my parents gave me a beautiful card, with a check in it.  Money is always appreciated.

Today is dreary and blah, but it's worth it since they say it will be a gorgeous weekend.  Mid 80's, sun, and a chance of a thunderstorm on Sunday night.  Not bad at all.  On the agenda today is to take dad to see his cousin at the nursing home, and then home to clean out freezers.  We have a small freezer on top of the small fridge in our kitchen.  I think it is an apartment sized fridge.  My dad did it up for me so that I could have a fridge here, because the house wasn't rented with one.  I also have a large, stand-up, chest freezer in the garage.  That one belongs to my step-daughter, and she has been kind enough to loan it to me for nearly 2 years.  She is coming sometime this week to take it back, along with taking some furniture off my hands.

So today will be cleaning out the small freezer (too many partial bags of this and that get stuffed in there), and then moving stuff to it, from the big freezer. Knowing this freezer was going to be going away, I have been very careful to use what we have, before buying more.  One thing that I have to deal with is the 20lb turkey.  It will not fit in the tiny freezer, so I do believe it will be thawed, and we will have it for dinner on Monday.  I think I can sneak it in the fridge somehow.

A short trip to the dump is in order while I have an extra pair of hands available.  The boys head to dad's tonight, and will be gone until Monday.  They are excited to take the canoe, and go fishing with dad :).  I am making sure that they don't miss any of their weekends with him, since we are leaving in just over a month.  I have told him that if he wants them for extra time, to just ask.

He is a bit annoyed with me moving, which I get, but I don't.  Two years ago, I broached the subject of moving out of NH, and he said "go for it".  Now he is cranky about it.  Everytime I bring it up, and what I need from him before the move, he gets cranky.  He is a cranky person most of the time anyway, but get over yourself.  He has it in his head that he won't ever see the boys again.  He knows me better than that, and we have already decided that we will be coming up next summer for a few weeks to visit.  Bah, men.  Nothing personal to those of the same species, who read my blog...just bah.

Ok, off to finish coffee, and get ready for the day.  Hope you all have a super one!


  1. Of course, it was easy for your ex to agree to you moving with the boys when it was so far in the future. (I have a bad habit of easily committing to things that are in the future and then when the date approaches I wonder why I ever made the decision . . . human nature, I guess!) Now he's probably letting his irrational emotions take over when he feels he'll never see the boys again. The boys are big enough they can arrange trips back to see him or he could take a little vacation to go see them. Easy for me to say, I know, but your move is a change in his life, too.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend. We'll be home ducking raindrops and working on the house.

  2. 1st thing you get to your new home a good freezer,with all that gardening you will be doing ,you'll need it. and a pantry of coarse for canned homemade goodies of all sorts,me ,I won't even be doing a trip to the cometary this year ,I will see them next year