May 6, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

What is that saying?  While you are busy making plans, G-d is busy laughing?  Something like that.  I am busy making plans, but there may be a hitch...won't know for a couple weeks.  I saw my older brother yesterday, and he isn't sure now if he can go with me to NC.  He wants to, both just to go and also so I don't have to drive down alone.  But his work might be an issue.  He asked if I had to leave that first week of July, and of course I said, "No, but we would have to crash at Mom's until we do leave, since we have to be out of our place on June 30th".

The problem is that he is flying out to Vegas the beginning of June to get married on the 10th.  Then they fly back a few days later, and have a reception.  He works as the head maintenance guy at an elementary school. So that means as soon as he gets back, 8th grade graduation.  Then they begin the big push to empty and re-organize classrooms, as well as waxing all the floors.  To say he has his hands full is an understatement.  I will keep planning as if he is going, for now.  If it comes down to it, and he can't, that just means getting rid of some more stuff closer to when we leave.

In my plans for "if brother goes", I have been searching out ways to maximize what space I do have in my SUV.  I need to leave room for two teenage boys to ride to NC.  I was on Amazon the other day and saw this:

I like this much better than those "pods" that mount on top of a vehicle.  It has more room, covers the entire top of the SUV, meaning I can get more in it.  It is waterproof so that is an added bonus.  We will be putting half of the back seat down in the SUV, to pack more in there, but this gives us almost 3ft more of storage space.

The other item I have been looking at is a bike rack:

If my brother goes with me, he will haul the trailer on my parent's truck.  This will free up my hitch for this.  I can mount both boy's bikes on the back of the SUV, and that is one less thing needing to go into the trailer.  I would love to get this regardless, might buy it once we get to NC, if I don't get it now.  It would allow us to take the boy's bikes to places where there are trails and such to ride.  We will see.

So the boys are busy today, going fishing with their dad, since we finally are getting a day without rain.  I think I might pass out from the sunlight shining in today.  I will be busy loading up the SUV with stuff to go to Goodwill, and make that trip today.  Every little bit gone makes a huge difference!  I am starting to see the light at the end of the if I could just get my step daughter to get the stuff she wants, I would see a huge dent.  If she doesn't in the next few weeks, it will be going away.  I can't hold onto it indefinitely.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!!


  1. Remember the best laid plans never go as planed. just look back in History. WW2 D Day the weather was the main factor. Always have a back up to your back up.

    We had planned on brings way more down to FLA then we did. I wanted until the day we left to pack our two cars. BIG MISTAKE. I looked on MapQuest for fun about returning to MN. They gave me 3 ways to get home. All the same rout with small changes.

  2. It's that life in a nutshell. It throws you a curve. Neat ideas for long distance travel and moving. Hopefully it will work out with your brother. Love to see your determination in spite of life. :)

  3. Oh, gosh. I really do hope your brother will be able to make the trip with you. That would be so much better all the way around. Keeping fingers crossed.

  4. Wish you the best of luck and you really do have to travel light don't you!Its better tho,we had a 24 ft hauler when we moved enons ago to KY. it broke down ,had to reload another one( not fun) and the cost was ridiculous stick to your plans ,her hoping brother can help.

  5. Wow, it'sbeen a while since I've visited & I'm so happy for you! What is the chance your brother would follow a week or so later? Could you move with the basics in your SUV and have him bring the rest? In the service we would move with "express packs" pots and pans, dishes, towels etc.. then the household goods would arrive. Would make for an easier trip? Be sure and sing up for the local free-cycle before you move & it will be a ready source for things you find you need on your arrival.
    So excited for you!