May 8, 2012


Shortly after I got up at 5am, it started to pour, and it's been doing that since then.  Does nothing for the energy level.  I haven't gotten out of my jammies and it's 11 now.  Probably won't either.

Don't know what it is about the rain, and being chilly out, that just almost automatically sends me into hibernation mode, but thinking I will take advantage of it today.

Found out over the weekend, that Mom told dad I am going to NC.  He didn't seem to upset, but it's hard to gauge his reactions to things, with his brain being messed up.
I also spoke to my aunt yesterday.  Looks like we are going to jointly apply for a 2bdrm duplex to rent for the time being while I do a search for property.  It is based on income, so I should be able to put a nice chunk of money away towards a down payment.  My only issue was I don't want to be wrangled into a lease, in case a good place becomes available.  Luckily, it seems that the lease is extremely flexible, and they are willing to work with us if I move out before a year is up.  Time will tell.  I am not crazy about living in an apartment, even if it only has one other connected to it, but for now it's doable.

I am seriously thinking of approaching the gentleman down there, once I get there, about that place I looked at, near Henderson.  He said he wasn't opposed to selling, and even doing a contract for deed situation.  We will see what else is down there, but it's always an option.

Ok, enough blathering for to take a nap on this dreary day, and maybe watch some more BBC "Who Do You Think You Are"?  Their version is so much better than the US copycat.  They fit a lot more detail and research into their hour long show, than the US counterpart.  The history buff in me loves that.

Have a great day!


  1. Nothing wrong with apartment living if you go into it knowing that it's only temporary and don't make a fuss of things. Just a stepping stone! :)

    1. Exactly Carolyn :) Just a stepping stone!

  2. We had heavy fog here first thing this morning but it's lifted now that it's started raining.

    You may be napping on this dreary day but I do believe you're still thinking about the move and figuring things out even while you're sleeping!

    1. You know me too well Mama Pea! :)