May 16, 2012

More Computer Stuff and Busy

My daughter has a 4 yr old laptop.  It is great, although has had some issues in the last year.  We did a complete restore back to factory specs, and didn't do all the Windows updates as soon as we could.  Those buggers build up, and if you get too many, you cannot do them, it won't let you.

Yesterday, despite trying to get her computer to download a "fix" from Microsoft, it wouldn't install.  Ok, time for desperate measures.  Saved all her documents (she is a writer and has multiple stories in progress at any given moment), and took the computer back to factory specs again.  This time, I wouldn't let her have it back until I was completely done.  I downloaded all the updates from Windows and got them installed overnight.  Deleted a bunch of useless programs that just slow the machine down, and got both the virus software and Office installed again.

Yes, hours..this takes hours.  Because most things require you to restart the computer, especially Microsoft stuff. But, I think we are done.  It seems to be running much better now, I am actually typing this post on it.  She will be a happy camper :)

Today's agenda is yesterday's "to do" list.  Pack up stuff to donate to library tomorrow, get Joe to deflate his raft and pack it, move my tires back into the garage, and anything else I can get to.  I want to get some pictures of things taken also, to post on Craigslist for free or for sale.  The sooner I can get rid of some of this stuff, the better!

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. We have 5 lap tops and 2 are broken with a third needing some TLC. one is less then 4 months old and I closed my headphones in it and broken the LED screen.

    When we buy them new we had many updates. The one I am on now is a year old. I did a full scan last night as it had been 6 months. I spaced it off. I need to buy all of them long life batteries.

    Its funny how they have become so important in staying in contact with family & friends.

    1. I agree Rob, I couldn't live without mine. From researching family history and prepping stuff, to finding resources for homeschooling and keeping up with family in other states, I use it for so much!