May 3, 2012

The Plan

So, now that the move to NC is official, we need a plan.  The first area that needs to be attacked is the stuff we own.  I have already begun getting rid of anything I don't need, that belongs to me.  That will continue.  And when you really look at things with a critical eye, it's amazing how much you really can live without, or replace down the road.

As I said before, we will be taking very limited furniture.  I will have to wait and see if my brother will be using his little S-10 type truck, or my parent's truck (not a full size, but a bit bigger than his), to make a final decision on some stuff, like the sofa.  Some of my furniture will be going with my daughter into a storage unit, waiting for her to get her own apartment.  Like this bureau:

 It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, mostly because it is actually made of real wood, and not pressed whatever.  My grandmother found it somewhere back in the 80's, and then gave it to me.  I has a label in one of the draws, telling where it was made in SC. I suspect it was made back in the 30's or 40's.  It has had many uses, including being a bureau, being used in my kitchen years ago, and now we use it in the living room to hold all the tv paraphernalia.  I would love to take it, but it's just too big and heavy.  So it will go to my daughter, who loves it as much as I do, and I know she will take care of it.  She also asked to have my wing back chair that I bought from the hotel I worked at about 10 years ago.  At this rate, she will have everything except for pots and pans for her new place when she has enough saved up.  That is a good thing, I am glad I can help her get started.

There are a few things I will have to pay to take to the dump, like the boy's mattresses.  They are very overdue for new ones anyway, so we will just take the bed frame, which is solid beyond belief, and can be either individual twin beds, or bunks.  I will get them new mattresses once we get down there and settled into a place.  Thankfully, with a trailer, I should be able to keep my own bed, which is only a year old.  I will be picking up some heavy duty drop cloths and wrapping them in that, to keep them clean and dry for the trip down.

The big issue will be the boy's bedroom.  We will most likely get rid of the bureaus, I can easily find second hand ones down there.  But they are both pack rats.  Worse than I am lol.  It's going to be tough for them to decide what they don't need.  My 14yo still has his collection of dinosaur toys from when he was little.  I won't make him give up all of them, but he will have to weed it down some.  We must take the giant tote of Legos/Knex.  That is too expensive to replace, and they use it almost daily.  Seriously, I think there are like 5,000 + Legos in that tote.

I have decided rather than renting a Uhaul trailer at nearly $400, that I would turn in once I get to NC, that I will go to either Tractor Supply or Lowes and buy my own trailer for about the same price.  I can't see throwing that much money out the window, if you know what I mean.  By buying a trailer, I will be able to keep it, and am sure we will get lots of use out of it.  Besides using it when we find second hand furniture down in NC, to replace what we are giving up, once we get to the point we can buy a place to start our homestead, it will be invaluable for hauling things like hay, supplies, etc.  I have never driven with a trailer on the back of my SUV, so may have my brother haul it down there.  Then I will have to practice lol.

More than likely, we will crash at my aunt's for a few weeks to a month.  She has a nice little 2 bedroom, and would love the company.  Because of this, I will wash out a large tote we have, and use that to store our clothes that we need daily.  I will also pack a back pack with our daily stuff, like toiletries, that we don't want to put into storage.  We are going to rent a storage unit (I will send my aunt the money and she will set it up before we get there), so that we can just put all our stuff in it when we get there.  Then the next few weeks will be spent looking for a place.  My aunt has offered to look for me, if I send her the ads, but I really would like to see them myself in person.  I have certain things that I want in a place, even if it is a temporary rental.  Like a decent sized kitchen since I cook so much.  

My aunt and I are throwing around the idea of actually getting a place together.  There are  few properties down there that I have seen, where it is 5 acres or so, with two mobiles on the place.  That would be ideal, because I would have the land to do what I want as far as a homestead, and she would have a place to call her own.  I would buy the place myself, and she would just chip in a couple hundred a month towards the mortgage.  I would love this, since we get along great, and it would help both of us out financially. 

Lots to think about, but for the moment, the focus will be getting rid of stuff and organizing what we are taking with us.  I need to finish cleaning out the garage, and that will be my staging area for things to go.

Hope you all have a great day!  Off to run an errand to the bank and pick up the rent check, then back home to do some housework.  The landlords emailed me last night, and they will be here this afternoon, for the summer.


  1. Omigosh, even though you're not physically on your way to your new life in NC, doesn't it feel like you're in "lift off" mode? Things are really starting to happen and I know the time left between where you are now and the time you arrive in NC is gonna fly by. What a very exciting time for you and your family.

    P.S. That dresser is gorgeous!

  2. That chest is just beautiful, I am so glad it's staying in your family too, it is strange to thing these gorgeous pieces of antique furniture will out live us!

    1. Yes, it's always been one of my favorites :)

  3. Plan your work and work your plan. Sounds like its all well thought out. If you can get your Aunt to help out its even better.

  4. Just came across your blog..and I see you're moving from NH to NC? I'll have to stay tuned to follow you on your journey.

  5. Thank you Berte:) Looking forward to reading your blog.