May 20, 2012


Yes, this is progress.  I know it doesn't look like it, but this is.  I am using the garage as my main spot to sort and get stuff ready to go either to the dump, or Goodwill.  In the upper left is a nice pile of stuff ready for the dump, including a huge box of recycled paper stuff.  In front of that is 2 boxes of "junk" for Goodwill.  

And because that looks like it does, this looks like this...

Nearly empty!  Those top shelves on the built-in still need to be cleaned out, but I should be able to do that today, once I make a trip to the dump to get rid of what is already in the garage.  It feels so good!! This is all my crafty stuff, that honestly, I haven't touched in over two years, except to put it here on the shelves.  No point in keeping it.  I also want to be a new type of crafter.  The kind that doesn't hoard stuff for "someday I might need it", but rather, the kind that buys the supplies she needs, as she needs them, for each project.

I figure in another week or so, this basement will be completely cleaned out.  Minus a few things that are bulky and need to be taken to the dump.  Our dump charges for things like that, so I will have to wait a couple weeks on that portion.

But the progress is there!  My goal is to have everything gone that we are not keeping, by the middle of June.  Then our stuff will probably go into the top of my parent's garage for a few weeks until we leave for NC.  That will allow me the last week of June, to do all the cleaning, before I hand the keys off to the landlords.

I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel :)  But I am also realistic enough to know, that as we get down to the last few weeks, it is going to be a bit of chaos, as we try to get rid of those last few items.

So today will be spent getting a load to the dump, some things to my mother's that she is taking, and get a load into the truck for a Goodwill trip first thing in the morning.

What's on your agenda for today?


  1. Morning Ms. S., thanks for the update. We are taking it easy today, as the wife is having kidney stone issues again. Just part of our life. i am going to post a little on this subject later on. Looks like you have been a big dent in you clean up.

    Have a good day.

  2. I'm planning on enjoying the little bit of rain we're getting! So far, it's not a lot but every little bit helps at this point.

  3. HA ,I must have tunnel vision ,only see things that will come in handy one day--gift bags -plastic bags ,safety pins ,blankets ( lot of blankets this is MN ya know!)flower pots .never know when I might start that huge nursery--lol,sheets towels ( hey as fast as I bring them home ,they grab them to clean there wheel wells grrrrr.I would have to have a lobotomy for my mind to change that drastically---lol