May 29, 2012

Staying Organized During A Move

In my house, we are always in a state of that "lived in" look, even without a move just a few weeks away.  All of us have projects in various stages, waiting to be finished.  Some never are lol.  Add a major move into that, and you get a bit of chaos.  I have had to put my foot down, both with the boys and with myself, to not start any new projects.  Period.

I have a list of things I must get done before we leave, including getting my hands on important paperwork that we need to take with us.  Most of it I already have on hand, so I thought I would show you how I am keeping it all straight.

I don't remember where I got this binder from, but I love it.
As you can see from this next picture, it has two binder ring setups in it.  This makes it perfect to hold lots of stuff.

I am using the first set of rings to keep track of personal documents (birth certificates, etc), and the second for things I need to keep handy for hiccups (bills for utilities, etc).  The items in the second part will give me account and phone numbers for things like the gas company, in case they don't pick up the tanks when I schedule it for, or in case I am waiting on a refund for something and need to contact them.

There are large pockets on the inside front as well, and my manual for my truck fits in here perfectly to bring with me.  And the best part of this binder?  It zips closed, and has a small handle on the binding, so that it can be carried like a briefcase, without losing anything.  Definitely a working solution.

Speaking of working....Yesterday was a putter day.  I did a lot, even though to look at my house, you wouldn't think so.  I got the last of the items in my room packed, except for the things I need on a daily basis. All that is left in my room is a few furniture items. 

I also got the last of the stuff in the living room packed (minus the internet stuff and tv).  They are saying the weather will be hit or miss this week, but going to try and get some of the furniture out on the road side for a free giveaway.  I have two end tables and several bureaus that need to go, and if I can get someone local to take them, it's one less thing to be hauled to Goodwill.

I am going to work with Tom this week on getting his stuff packed, which actually should only take about a day.  Joe needs to tackle his stuff too, but he has plans to paint his canoe this week, so we will see how we work it out.  If nothing else, we need to do his next weekend.  I want to get a photo of their bunk beds when they are put together, so I can list them on Craigslist or my homeschool email group.

I did sell 2 nightstands over the weekend, and may have sold the baker's rack.  Still no luck on the tires.  I bet in all these posts, you are wondering just how much stuff I have gotten rid of....what is she actually taking???  I give you the current picture of what is going with us:

 Not too shabby!  In all honesty, I still have some kitchen stuff to pack, but that should only take up 2 average sized boxes.  The boys should have 3-4 boxes each.  And I have a few boxes in the basement to go through again, with a more critical eye.  We also have some things that don't fit in boxes but will be going, like Joe's canoe and keyboard. But seriously, considering all that we "could" have kept, whether we needed it or not, I think this is pretty amazing!  It's also pretty exciting to be starting over, almost completely from scratch  :). 

And, it looks like I might have a solution to driving to NC alone.  My aunt, the amazing and wonderful aunt in NC, is willing to fly up here and drive back with me.  She is my hero!  I really would have done it by myself if I had to, but I would rather not.  Another adult, who can share the driving, and another adult brain in case we hit bumps in the road on the way down, is a huge blessing.  Please say prayers that nothing comes up to prevent this solution.  I am running out of solutions lol.

Have a great Tuesday!  I am off to get my truck inspected.


  1. Another wonderful update, thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

    1. Thanks for sticking with me through all this rambling about moving Rob :)

  2. You are amazing. I think all of your organizing and compacting and getting rid of goes to show that material things aren't important. It's the people you love and what you are willing to work for in life. And hooray for your wonderful NC aunt! (I think she's really happy to have you move near her!)

    1. It honestly took this move to really get that point home for me Mama Pea. I knew a short time ago that it didn't matter, but honestly, wasn't doing anything about it. This move has pushed that way up on the priority list.