May 17, 2012

This and That

Nothing much going on here...finally:)  Honestly, it feels good after the last few months, to have a pretty quiet schedule for a bit.

I did have to take my 14yr old, Tom, to the family doctor this morning.  His big toe has been bothering him, and it was what I suspected...he has an ingrown nail.  So, two weeks of antibiotics, and then we go back to have part of the nail removed.  He is not looking forward to it, but it will be better after.

The landlord's stopped me in the yard today and wanted to know if I minded if they had the tub looked at before I moved.  The last tenants painted the tub, and in an effort to make it look a little better, the landlords did the same thing right before I moved in.  It has been peeling since shortly after I moved in.  They want to have it professionally refinished, but you cannot be in the home while they do it due to the fumes.  I told them I didn't mind. They are going to have the estimate done, that way they can schedule it for just after I move out.  Works for me.

I was so proud of my dad today!  I stopped by to get something from mom and he was sitting in the kitchen laughing.  Seems he went for a walk in the driveway, up to my brother's trailer behind theirs, and then decided to walk down the hill to the mail box.  He did great until part way back up the hill.  He thought he might have to wait for a ride lol.  Mom actually went looking for him, she thought maybe he got hurt, or fell.  Nope, just took a rest.  I am so very excited to see him starting to take the initiative of getting some exercise and starting to build his strength back up.  He has been fighting it a bit, and he is the type of person you can't push...he has to come to that point on his own.

Please keep him in prayers tomorrow, he is going for a whole body PET scan.  The first in quite some time, and the first scan since his surgery for the brain tumor.  We are praying it comes back completely clean.  He is just starting to seem like his old self, last thing he needs is a setback.



  1. Hoping your dad gets nothing but the very best of news from his medical procedure tomorrow! I know you'd be thrilled to have him continue to get back to his old self.

  2. So glad to hear you dad is doing that well! Glad to hear your life is a little less hectic these days too. There'll be a flurry of activity soon enough!