May 12, 2012

A To Do List A Mile Long

I have my daily, "in my head" list of things I need to get done, and I currently have a running list in a notebook of what I have to get done before we move.  That list seems to add two things for every one that I take off lol.

First thing on the list today is to take mom grocery shopping.  Dad has decided to stay by himself today for the first time since February and his seizures.  This is a huge step for him and I am super proud of him.  It is also Mom's 69th birthday today!  I bought her a few little things (2 new tank tops for the summer, bag of Lindt white chocolate), and a nice card.  Wish I could get her something better, but honestly, there isn't anything she needs.  

I will be working on the garage today, to make more room for stuff we are packing up to keep, for our move.  I can't get rid of those 2 stupid sofa's out there, but I can move them a bit to get out the stuff that is behind them.  That will make a difference.  I have to call a place this week, a local guy that hauls away stuff, and see what he would charge to take a pile of "junk", including the couches.  The ex said he would take the one that needs to go to the dump, and the stepdaughter said she would take the sorta good one...but neither one has happened and I really need them gone.  

I have a list of paperwork I need to get together, for our move.  One of those being a signed letter from the ex, giving me the ok to take the boys out of state.  I also need to call the court and get a copy of my divorce decree.  I can't seem to find it, and want it on hand just in case.  It proves that I have main custody of the boys.  I also need to get a copy of my transcript from the high school, to prove that I graduated. Apparently NC requires it to register for homeschooling.

In other news, we finally found my daughter Sam another car.  The Neon's registration will run out the end of this month, and it will not pass another inspection.  Our local garage, where I bought my truck, has a little 2000 Ford Focus for sale.  It's a nice little car. I am not a big fan of Ford, but for the price we can't beat it.  They are asking $1995, but will take off $200 or so for taking the Neon to scrap. And, he will let us break it up into 2-3 payments.  John, the owner is fabulous like that.  And he will make sure that it is running tip top shape for her, so no worries there.  I spoke to her dad last night, and he said yes, which was key, since he is helping her get this car.  That is a huge relief that it will be all set, and when I leave, I know she has transportation.  You just cannot be without a car in this area.  We are rural and there is no bus system.

Ok, enough gabbing...time to get some more coffee in me and get ready to go shopping.  Yes, mom and I are early birds, we dislike shopping to begin with, and the earlier we can get there to avoid the crowds, the better!

Have a super day!


  1. May I add, get copies of your birth certificates. We needed them here in Florida for any kind of ID. We had our kids but not the wife or mine. Florida now needs a original copy of B.C. Photo copy no good.

    We even need a host of other paperwork to get D.L. & I.D.'S Even with Home school you may need B.C. We have never been asked for marriage lisc.

    Just a heads up.

    1. Thanks for the tip Rob, I already have the birth certificates. Although, I should send for a new copy of mine, it's looking pretty tattered from being carried around in my wallet since I was 13.

  2. Ha, no lying around on the couch eating bon-bons for you, m'dear! Even when you're not physically doing something, that brain of yours is always going a mile-a-minute.

    Happy Birthday to your mom for me. If she exhibits any stubborness (we Tauruses like to call it stick-to-it-iveness!), you know where it comes from!

    1. Well, none of my list got done today, but I got to spend time with my parents, so that makes up for it:) Yep know all about that stubborness....I am right on the border of being a Taurus and a birthday is the 24th:)