June 14, 2012

Been Busy

I am trying to get the basement done, and it is taking longer than I planned on.  But in my defense, I have had to do a few things in between.

I took Mom on Tuesday to see the eye doctor, and she will go in next Wednesday to have her cataract in her right eye done.  But first we have to go to see him again on Friday for a pre-op appointment.  Why, I have no idea.  Couldn't he have combined that with the initial appointment on Tuesday?  Then her surgery next week, and the day after, another appointment at his office.  I seriously think they make multiple appointments just to rake in more money.  It sure doesn't help any of us, since his office is 1/2 hour away, and eats up gas for any vehicle.

In the moving plan, we have had a little hiccup, but nothing major.  We have to push out the date we plan on leaving NH, by a week.  My aunt has been dealing with gallstones, and so goes in on the 27th to have the gallbladder removed.  It is done as a one day surgery, and laproscopically, so she thinks she will be fine by the weekend of the 14th.  I'm good with it.  It actually gives me an extra week to get the truck looked at before we leave, and get a few other things done.

Time to get some more coffee in me and get busy for the day.  Need to work more in the basement, and run Joe's bike down to my brother so he can help me get a new chain on it.

Hope you have a great day!!

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  1. every thought of growing coffee beans ,I think your gonna need some--lol