June 21, 2012

Cataracts and Heat

Hey all :)  Long time no see, lol.  Been a busy little bee around here the last few days.  We finally got most of the basement done, just a few little odds and ends need to come up today.  I thought it would be a quicker job than it was, but oh well.

Most of yesterday I spent with my mom at the hospital having one of her cataracts done.  It went smoothly, and hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will get the other one done, so she can officially drive again.  She will be glad when it is over.  She also has to go see the cardiologist next week for a recheck since she had the stent put in last year, and with any luck, gets to finally come off the Plavix.  She is like most women, and puts herself last, so all this has been put off while we were dealing with dad and his health issues.

The kids spent most of yesterday at the town beach for the first time.  We actually got summer weather on the first day of summer!  Two days ago, it was 45 degrees at 5am.  Yesterday it was 70 at 5am.  I love the warmer weather (I better if I am moving to NC huh?).  We ended up getting to 98, with a heat index of 105.  Today is expected to be the same.  We were able to keep the house about 85 all day, and should be able to keep it a bit cooler today, buy using the fans wisely, to cool off the house before the sun is fully up, then shutting the windows.  I love not using the ac, although I will have to get used to it in NC.  My aunt can't stand much over 75 for heat, so I will keep a few sweaters handy in case I need them lol.

Today is going to be spent getting the last of Sam's stuff in the storage unit (minus my bed...she doesn't get that until Sunday), and taking mom for a recheck with the eye surgeon.  It's been crazy, and I cannot wait for this part of the journey to be over.  Tomorrow I have to spend the afternoon helping my mom put together some veggie platters for my older brother's wedding reception.  I think I told you, he flew to Vegas with his gf and got married on the 10th.  Here is a shot of them:

Saturday is their reception, for family and friends.  Nothing fancy, jeans and tshirts, buffet food, and good music.  So glad my brother found someone that makes him happy.  His divorce from his first wife (they were married 24yrs), was really messy and took a toll on him.  He deserves all the best!!

And I will leave you with a shot of our summer sky last night.  It was so pretty!

Hope you all have a great day!!


  1. How strange. All the heat is up north! Not that we don't get our hot days here too. :) Congrats to your brother and his new bride. And continued get well wishes to your mom. Glad to hear she's doing so well.

  2. Thanks Leigh for the wishes for Mom. This is actually the first heat we have seen this summer, so I'm not complaining lol.

  3. It's all the every day stuff that keeps us busy. Little things, I suppose, but also what life is made up of.

    Hoping all goes well with your mom so she can be behind the wheel of a car soon. That's so necessary in this day and age. (I'm betting she's eager, too!)

    And congrats to your brother on his marriage. (I think it's much harder for a man to be "single" than a woman so this will be good for him, I'm sure.)

  4. Yes it did go well Mama Pea, thanks! She will have the other one done June 12th.