June 22, 2012

It's A Miracle!

Yesterday in the hottest part of the day, we made several trips to my daughter's storage unit to get the rest of the stuff there, that needed to go.  We thought we were done after two trips, but then came back to the house and I was standing in the living room, catching my breathe.  Low and behold, what was staring me in the face?  One of the largest pieces that needed to go, the bureau that we used in the living room to hold the tv.  Sighhhhhhhhh.  One more trip was necessary. 

That done, we all came home, changed in to much cooler clothes (I don't recommend moving furniture in shorts and flip-flops), and ate ice cream.  I also snuck in a short nap.

After dinner I was on a mission.  I would NOT be going back into the basement for anything other than to do a few random loads of laundry before we go to my mother's on Sunday.  It took me several hours (breaks thrown in), but the basement is done....FINALLY!

 Now, I realize that basements alone are not overly exciting.  But this one was nearly the death of my sanity this past week.  And my 16yo has been threatened with death, if he ever leaves a mess again, anywhere, like he did down there.  He had a corner to himself, sort of a "mini-man cave" area, where he could work on projects.  I love that he is so creative.  But hand a boy a tree trunk and a draw knife, and you have a foot deep layer of shavings all over the floor.  Not to mention the pieces of soda cans he cut up to create various prototypes for mini rocket stoves.  Oh the mess he made!  But a valuable lesson was learned by both of us.....HE MUST CLEAN AS HE CREATES.

This morning will be spent getting two runs to the dump done, for miscellaneous things that need to go away, then I will be spending the afternoon at moms, cutting up veggies.  We are expecting some pretty good thunderstorms this afternoon, that will drop the temps down to the mid 80's.  Hopefully none are too severe.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Wow Look at all that room you have now. Too bad your moving think of what you could do with all of that space. evil laugh

  2. looks huge down there now and I never heard of a neat freak artist,just saying......

    1. It is huge Judy, it is the same size as the house.

  3. Ah yes, the cleaning up part after the creative part. One of those unfortunate realities of life!

    I have to say that your basement looks spectacular. We don't have one, so I'm envious!