June 9, 2012


Maybe it's a right of passage.  Maybe it's just life.  Does the youngest always get picked on for not doing as much as the others?  I think so.  I wasn't the youngest in my family. I was stuck smackdab in the middle of two boys.  By the time my youngest brother was around 11 or 12, my parents started giving up the animal raising, and wood stove use.  Thus he got out of the bulk of the hard work (hauling 5 gallon buckets of water, hauling wood for the stove, etc).  He did a bit when he was younger, but it was always "you are older, you do more"...that is what my older brother and I always heard.  

My youngest, Tom, is 14.  He has just recently become taller than both his brother and sister.  But he has always been the one to say "I can't", "It's too heavy"......I push, I make him do things he doesn't want to.  It is finally paying off.

This young man, who is the family comedian, is maturing right before my eyes.  And it makes this momma smile.  He used to be the one to go through a door first and let it close just before you got to it.  Not anymore.  He is finally getting the "gentleman hold doors" idea, and over and over, no matter where we go, he slows down if he is ahead of me, holds the door not only for me, but others, and lets them pass.

This young man has impressed me a lot on the last few weeks with putting aside his whining of "I can't" and jumped in to help me.  Oh it is not voluntary yet, I have to ask, but he is there, lifting bureaus, carrying boxes, etc.  He may joke the whole time, making it hard to hold onto his end of something because he is laughing, but he is there, doing his share.

Yesterday was one of those days.  We FINALLY got rid of the two old couches in the garage.  One wasn't bad, it could be taken apart in two pieces, so it was lighter to carry.  The second one though, was a sleeper sofa, and heavy beyond belief.  I backed the truck into the garage a bit, we worked the couch over closer to it, and brought it down so one end was in the back.  Then it was a matter of lifting and pushing.  He didn't complain once.  He did make jokes and laugh.  I think it helps him take his mind off the fact that he doesn't want to do it lol.  Whatever the reason, he has been an amazing help.

I am so glad to see him maturing.  To see him taking the time to think of others.  He sometimes gets flack from his older brother and father because he is more sensitive and open with his feelings than they are.  But I think that will make him a good man.  Less likely to hold things in, more willing to share with his future wife what he is thinking and feeling.  And he will be a father that is "fun".  I just hope he learns to balance the comedy with seriousness when it is called for.

Today is a beautiful day, finally!  Woke up to actual sunshine, which I don't think I have seen in over a week.  It will also be a busy day....Mom and I are going grocery shopping, and then this afternoon I have to take her and dad to two retirement parties.  My younger brother retired from the Air Force after 20 yrs, and my dad's best friend retired from working for the town road crew.  Somehow they both got scheduled on the same day.  Oh well.

I hope you all have a super weekend!!


  1. you got rid of my couch??? jk I'm so glad your son is shaping up to be a gentleman,I wish I could do something with the 7 males I live with@$%67*900= BONKERS MY PARTY IS FINALLY OVER I CAN RELAX YA

  2. What a blessing. I know sometimes we wonder, as parents, if we're doing the right thing for our kids. It's when you get glimpses of the men and women they can become, that you know the discipline is worth it.