June 7, 2012

The Plan

I thought I would take a couple minutes to share the plan that is going to happen once I hit North Carolina.  Since I have been sharing my packing triumphs and woes, what happens after that?

The plan for the first couple of months, will be to stay at my aunt's.  We are going to take this time to get the "lay of the land", find our way around, visit some sites, and get the boys set up with their homeschooling for the new year.  That last bit is going to take some serious planning on my part once this move thing is all over.  We will also get involved with the local homeschool group down there, which from what I am finding, is pretty large.

I am figuring, in my head, that it will be 6 months to a year, before I find "that" place that I want to live.  I have a few in mind, that I have found in my online searches, but until I can see them in person, I won't know anything.  That will give me a chance to get a little money socked away, and also help my aunt out with her finances, as we will be paying 1/2 her rent and utilities.  Something I never could have done up here in NH.

I have researched some stuff the kids and I will do (museums, etc), and Joe has already mapped out a local lake to take his canoe on.  Definitely going to be fun!

But for the now....The boys room is empty, except for their mattresses and laundry baskets holding their clothes.  Finally finished that yesterday.  Today will be spent getting their rug vacuumed, rolled up, and taken to my mom's.  I also want to tackle at least half of the stuff in the basement that is left to sort.  Most of it will go away, but there are a few family things I want to keep (photo albums, etc.).  I am actually taking the time to pull all photos out of their albums.  It takes up much less room in a box.  I just store them in a heavy duty ziploc bag.  My eventual plan is to scan them into the computer, but that will be down the road.

I am tired, and extremely sore today. Moving does nothing for CRPS :(  But we are nearing the end.  Sam has her storage unit now, so she is getting her things into it, and will take more of the furniture as we get closer to the 24th.  This Saturday is going to be super busy, with weekly grocery shopping with mom, and then two retirement parties to go to.  My younger brother left the Air Force after 20yrs, and then my dad's best friend retired from working for the town.  Originally they planned a party together, but some how that got changed to separate parties, and on the same day no less.

Ok, more coffee, then time to get busy.  Have a great day.


  1. I feel like we are losing you ,I hate change ,but it will be good for you and we will hear about all your new adventures after your move,good luck

    1. Nah, I won't disappear Judy:) I will have internet down there, and will be on annoying you all just as much as ever! :)