June 10, 2012

Retirement Parties

Yesterday was spent attending retirement parties, after mom and I did our weekly grocery shopping.  It was a busy day, in that I was driving back and forth in our little town, quite a few times.  But it was fun to hang out and not be packing for a day lol.

First was my dad's buddy, Rusty's party.  He is the guy on the far left.  He worked for our town road crew for many years.  He and dad have been friends for almost the whole 40 years we have lived up here.  And that, folks, is my dad, looking extremely good, in the middle, with the cowboy hat on. *insert huge grin here*

It's funny, when I was a kid, I was terrified of Rusty, simply because of his size.  You can't tell here, because he is sitting....he is like 6' 5".  When you have never been taller than 5' 3", that is a scary height to be looking up to.  But in total truth, he is the biggest sweetheart on the planet!  Like most guys around here, his retirement isn't totally sitting around just enjoying his free time.  He is already helping out a friend's business, putting in 40+ hours last week, running the bulldozer on a road job.  LOL, no rest for the wicked.

Then I took my parents to my brother's retirement party....way out in the woods.  (And for some reason, the photo isn't going from my phone to my gmail acct?)....anywhooo, my brother has a friend who owns 100 acres of woods.  It's where they do their mudding with their jeeps.  They set up a campground area every summer, and they all bring their small rv's up there.  That way they can play and drink, and just crash where they are.  This is where he had his party.  It was a mix of Air Force people and his mudding friends.  Weird how they separated into those two groups too....the local mudding people actually didn't talk to the AF people, which is sad in my mind.  They are great people.  My parents only stayed about 10 minutes, to put in an appearance, and then I took them home.

I ended up staying a few hours at my brother's party, then it was back home to enjoy hot roast beef and cheddar sandwiches with my daughter, and a movie.  I crashed good and hard at 9:30.  I was tired lol!

Today is going to be tackling the last of the basement (I pray it will be the last...depends on how much my very sore body cooperates).  The boys will be back late today from a weekend with dad.

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!  We finally got sun, so I am opening every single window I can find, letting the fresh air and warmth in.

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  1. glad you wee able to attend and see everyone before your due to head out.when is that anyway? dad looks good