July 3, 2012

Howdy :)

Good morning everyone :)  Hope this finds you well, and that my blogging friends in the south east weren't hit too hard by the storms.

The photo above is a view from my parent's back porch.  I get to see this every morning when I step outside for a cigarette.  I remember as a kid, there was a small chicken barn/cow barn here.  We also had sheep wandering about in the back yard.  Funny how things change.

Speaking of changing, my plans have been adjusted a bit again for the NC leave date.  We will be leaving either Monday or Tuesday of next week.  My aunt's surgery went well, but there was one little glitch.  She can't lift for 3 weeks, and she needs some help with babysitting her grandsons, since the 1yr old can't get himself up into the high chair, and she can't lift him.

So the plan is for her to fly in Friday or Saturday this week (which ever has the best flight), and then I will get the Uhaul so we can get loaded up.

The walk through with the landlords went fabulous on Saturday, they were very pleased with the house being so clean and in good shape.  The only "oops" was that the bathroom screen some how got a couple little holes in it again, so they will replace that and take it out of my security deposit.  Maybe $5 or so worth. They will also take my last water bill from my deposit.  I should see the check by Thursday.

The truck has been at the garage since yesterday, getting a full tune up, and a few minor things worked on before we leave.  I should get that back today, then my brother offered to hook up the light set up for the trailer.  I have a hitch, but no light plug.

I got all my paperwork that I need before I leave (immunization records, school records etc), except for my school transcript.  Apparently it takes 24 hours for the lady from guidance to walk down the hall to get it. :(

Ok, off to hang a load of laundry outside, and clean out the fridge I had to bring back here.  Tonight is fireworks with the kids at the local fairgrounds.

Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like things are going according to Divine schedule! Very excited for you Stephanie.

  2. good luck,sorry i have not swung by-so busy here i'm so ready for a long break which won't come till school starts up again

  3. Drive safely. Glad to see your changes working for you and the boys.

  4. Praising God that things are going well. GOD IS GOOD!

    Love ya, darlin!