July 18, 2012

One week

One advantage to my aunt's apartment being on the 2nd floor, is I get to see some amazing sunrises.  I am a morning person, getting up somewhere between 5 and 5:30 am.  She doesn't get up that early, and I try my darndest not to wake her up. I have gotten so I sit on the back deck with my coffee and just enjoy the mornings :)  Can't wait until it's my own deck.

Yesterday we spent the day at my cousin's, helping babysit his two little boys.  Had a lot of fun, and those kids are even cuter now than they were when I saw them in February.  I told my cousin though, I learned something about NC....they sure do love their AC!  I made the mistake of wearing shorts yesterday, and froze at his house.  No matter where I go, the AC is blasting.  Not good for someone who hates to be cold.  I think he thought I was a bit nuts, when I said we didn't grow up with AC.  We never had it until a few years ago.  I just don't like AC, it messes with my sinuses, and I would rather do fans.  Yes, if it is super muggy out, I do like the convenience of AC, but I also don't run it super cold.

Today is going to be spent just puttering at the apartment.  Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Falls Lake State Park for the day, and just enjoy some outdoor time.  We will take the backpack, loaded with lunch and drinks, and explore.  We need that :)  We are not apartment people.

Since we left NH, I have lost another 4lbs, although I need to get back to my walking routine.  There is a great road here that runs behind my aunt's building, that is not horrible with traffic.  I want to map out the mileage on the truck, so I can keep track. When I was in NH I was doing 2 miles each day, so that is my starting point.  I am hoping to up it every other week, and finally get this weight off that I have put on the last 6 months or so.  I am not looking to be a toothpick, I am not built for that.  But being at an "average for me" weight, makes me feel so much better! :)

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. time flies when your having fun.

  2. Amen to the wt loss ,wish we all had your stamina

    1. Thanks Judy :) And...what stamina? I take a nap nearly every day :P