July 14, 2012

The People

I have always heard that people in the South are super nice....so far that is exactly right.  Here are a few of the people that I have met so far:

Marge- Downstairs neighbor.  I met her on my trip down in February.  She and her husband are transplants from upstate NY, and nice as could be.

Sandy- Friend of my aunt's who lives not far away.  She is a transplant from Georgia, and being a single mom herself (her kids are now grown), she knows of all sorts of resources locally so that I can probably barter for most of what I need.

Marsha- Other downstairs neighbor.  She is a transplant from Kansas, and a high school teacher.  She just recently took in her granddaughter, and asked if I would tutor her in math and science. I said yes of course

Guy at hardware store - This guy was cool.  This is where we turned in the Uhaul trailer.  We got chatting while I was there and he asked where I came from.  Told him NH, and it turns out he used to go up there for a few weeks out of the year, to do work for Lockheed Martin.  He told me about seeing his first snowfall, and I told him that was a good part of the reason I left :)

Dana- Haven't met her in person yet, but have known her online for YEARS in the homeschooling world.  We chatted on the phone yesterday, and she is just as sweet as could be.  We will be taking our boys to a science museum in the next few weeks together.  Can't wait.

Today we are heading north about 30 minutes to go to the flea market where my aunt has a booth.  I get to meet more people! :)

So far, loving it down here!!!  The boys are liking it too, and once they get a lay of the land, I am sure they will like it even better.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds better then the folks around here. Don't get me started. We are still planning on returning to MN in the next 6 mos to a year. Damn the snow and cold.

    1. Sorry to hear you have less than nice people Rob:( That always makes it harder.
      Keeping you in prayer on the MN situation

  2. Good to hear things continue to go well. I'm sure once the boys meet some others their own age, they'll jump into this new place with both feet!

    1. Yes Mama Pea:) We are going to get hooked up with the local homeschool group in the next few weeks.