July 29, 2012

Sunday Rest

Yesterday we spent several hours at Falls Lake again.  This time we took my aunt, and her grandson for some swimming.

I am not used to little ones full time anymore, as my guys are teens.  Today I am worn out from being in the water with this little guy for hours lol.  We had fun though.  I do have to contact Falls Lake though, as I was very disappointed that a huge chunks of the beach near the water was covered in goose poo.  I realize you can't control wildlife, but I think they need to find a way to clean up the beach, especially before a weekend, which is probably their busiest time.  We managed to find a spot that the geese apparently didn't like.  If I lived closer, I would volunteer to do the cleanup myself a couple times a week.  

The only other downfall was a couple that decided to bring their dogs.  Three of them.  The woman admitted that one of them was not "a people dog".  First, the beach has signs clearly stating that there are no dogs allowed on the beach.  She clearly ignored this, as she brought them all in the water, and put up her shade right on the beach.  Second, there were several times that the dogs got loose.  Either by getting the leashes off, or by just dragging them behind them.  This is not safe for others trying to enjoy their day.  I am an absolute dog lover, but don't bring your dogs, especially ones that are not "people dogs" to the beach, where there are people.

Today I am totally wiped out.  It is 10 am and I am still in my pj's.  The boys are still sleeping soundly, as teenagers tend to do on a frequent basis.  I have no desire to do much of anything today, other than veg, and do some research on the computer.  One of the areas I am looking at is finding other blogs for NC, that farm/homestead.  I want to learn, and who better to learn from than those who are already doing it.  I haven't found much yet, but just started looking.  If you know of any that give some great "how-to" posts, especially when it comes to learning how to grow stuff in this clay earth, please feel free to share!

Hope you all have a great, restful Sunday!


  1. Only that one or two to rain on everyone's parade.

    How is your humidity?? Killer here over 100+ daily.

    I long for snow and cold again. I would rather put on every item of clothing to stay warm, them get down to a swim suit and still be hot.

    1. The humidity was bad last week, but not too horrible since Friday. I am good with no snow :)