July 31, 2012

This and That

Yesterday we made our way over to the Greensboro side of NC, to visit my other cousin.  Her mom and mine are sisters, and Karla and I are only 11 days apart in age, she the older one.  I love to tease her about this when birthdays roll around.

The boys finally got to meet my "coffee buddies", Fancy and Kirby, my cousin's beagles. As you can see from this picture, Kirby decided Joe was his best friend.

Kirby has this obsession with licking...like, you are amazed that his tongue doesn't fall off from exhaustion, because if you don't stop him, he will lick you...........FOREVER.  Joe apparently tasted the best out of all of us lol.

Karla also made an amazing brunch, that filled me to the brim (forgot to get a pic).  So much so, that I didn't eat any dinner last night.  We got talking, and she and her hubby are taking a cruise the first part of September, so it was decided that the boys and I will house-sit for them while they are gone.  They have a great house, with some room outside for the boys to hang out.  They will enjoy being able to get outside.

Speaking of that, my hope is this week to pick up a cheap outside table and umbrella (probably at Family Dollar) to stick on my aunt's back deck.  

She has this great deck on the back of her apartment, that never gets used except by me and the boys.  It can get pretty warm out there in the mornings, as the sun is on that side till about noon.  With the table and umbrella, it will be the perfect spot to do some school work, and just get out of the apartment.  It might be a little late, but think I might pick up some inexpensive containers to try and get some fresh cukes growing out here before it's too late.

We are just about done with our 3rd week here, and things are moving right along.  I got my bank account all set up here, transferred my stuff from welfare (should be hearing on that this week), and am getting ready to study for my test to get my NC license.  Then I can get the truck registered down here.  Not bad for just a few weeks :)

Today is going to be spent getting the rest of their school work planned, since I want to start next week.  I am also puttering with laundry, need to go grocery shopping, and little odds and ends that need to be taken care of.

Hope you all are having a great week!


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