July 13, 2012

What We Brought

So, by the time I got done giving things away, I thought I might have to go with a 6x12' trailer.  I wanted to make sure I could also fit the bikes in, so I didn't have to carry them on the outside.

I made an executive decision when I was at the Uhaul place in NH, and went with the 5x8' trailer.  It was the right choice.  We were able to get everything in there, including the bikes, and actually could have fit more in.

Now, most of it is sitting in a 5x10 storage unit here in NC.  We are slowly pulling out odds and ends that we need/want for everyday.  We will head up there again today, so that I can get the mini compressor that plugs into my truck.  Tom's bike needs a new tube on the front tire, and I forgot it yesterday. I also need to pull out my binder that has the boy's birth certificates and such, so I can get registered for homeschooling.

All in all I am happy with what I got rid of.  Had I known I would have had enough room in the trailer, I probably would have kept more of the pantry supplies, to save us on groceries.  But they blessed a dear friend of mine, who has several adopted kiddos, and she will put it to good use :).

Now it's just puttering, getting settled in, and finding our way around.  I am going to scope out the place on Google maps, and the boys and I may do some exploring today.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! (practicing my "southern" lol)


  1. Talk about a new start on a new life! You're to be commended on how you were able to pare everything down to the bare essentials. I wonder how many of us could have done that? Good luck house/land hunting. That should be fun!

    1. Thanks Mama Pea:) I am pretty proud of myself! Hehehe.

  2. FYI Buy a local street map, it may help and if you can Google or use mapquest. May I also just suggest when going to appointment's check out the location the day before or leave early. This has always helped me.

    I checked out locations for job interviews day before and showed up 30 min early. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the tips Rob :) My phone has Google maps and Mapquest on it, so will definitely be putting them to good use :)