August 2, 2012

Grillin' Tonight

There is a really nice lady that lives below, and one door over from my aunt.  Marsha is a high school teacher, and has decided after something like 5 years here, to move back to Kansas.

I went down two nights ago and did some wheelin' and dealin'.  She is looking to sell most everything she owns, just like I did.  She wants to just drive her car back, no trailer or anything.

So, for $25 I got this baby and a brand new bag of charcoal.
It's not new, but for that price I am ok with it.  Joe and I have been craving grilled stuff.  He also wants to use it for some of his "projects", like boiling down some nuts in water that he did up, to make his own ink. Yes I know, my kids are "odd ducks" just like me lol.

I also, for $465, bought her living room set (1 loveseat, 1 recliner, 1 big chair), which was just bought in April of this year, and her microwave and metal stand for it.

I won't get the furniture until closer to Labor day, as she isn't leaving until then.  The living room set will go into the storage unit for now.  The stand for the microwave will come here to the apartment so I can use it in the bedroom I am in, for more storage.

I also picked up the table and umbrella set that I wanted for the back deck...

I go and sit on the deck every morning to have my coffee.  That umbrella was a blessing this morning, as a shower was moving through, so I had a fairly dry spot to sit.  I get up around 5:30 each morning (no alarm necessary), and my aunt doesn't.  I hate to wake her up, so I go out here to enjoy my coffee and use my phone to read the news on various sites.

We are also going to homeschool out here once the temps drop a bit in a month or so.  I would prefer to be outside any day of the week, but there aren't many places to do that when you live in an apartment complex.

I am being very purposeful about what I am going to bring back into my life, when it comes to material things like furniture.  The living room furniture is now taken care of, at a very reasonable price (she paid over $600 for that stuff just a few months ago).  My next big purchase will be beds for the boys, but again, going with just a mattress, boxspring and the metal frame.  Nothing fancy, shouldn't be much more than a few hundred dollars.

I am slow but sure getting all my stuff switched over down here.  Spent the morning changing my auto pay stuff to the new bank account, and change of address stuff.  Still need to get my license, but should be doing that in the next few weeks.

Have a great day!



  1. you got some good deals,I love coking out ,especially when its been so hot lately so I don't have to heat up the kitchen

    1. I thought so Judy, since the furniture is pretty much brand new :) I love grillin too.

  2. To save money for know, you can always buy air mattress beds.

    1. Yes Rob, that is what we are using now. Unfortunately they do nothing for the 16yr old's back.

  3. This is proving to be a nice transition period for you, isn't it? And to know it's just temporary must make it that much better. It's almost like the good deals on the furniture, grill, etc. were meant to be there for you. Congrats!

    1. Yes it is Mama Pea! Although it hasn't been without a few hiccups along the way, overall, I cannot complain:) G-d is truly watching over me, of that I am sure!