August 30, 2012

Lack of Maturity

Yesterday we had an incident that really bothered me.  The boys and I went to our storage unit to grab my kitchen table and a few other things. My plan was to set the table up in my bedroom as a make-shift desk for now, so I have a place to work on genealogy and such, without having to constantly pack everything up each time I am done.

There is this family that lives a few apartments away from us, here at the apartment building.  They are loud, and obnoxious.  More than once a complaint has been filed against them for letting their kids run amok all over the complex, banging on other's doors, screaming and yelling at 11pm at night, etc.  The parents are no better, sitting out on the balcony in the front all day long, screaming at each other, rather than talking.

The mother of said family harassed my boys yesterday.  We got back to the apartment with the table, leaf, legs, a folding chair, and a few boxes.  I was upstairs already, when my 16yo told me she was hollering at them "Why ain't you in school!?!" ...over and over.  Joe let it go, pretending he didn't hear her.  Tom was oblivious apparently.

I went down to the first landing of the stairs, and as she yelled it again, I politely told her that we homeschooled.  Her response: "Oh, well that's ok then.  I just wonderin' why they ain't in school like they's supposed to be.  All this bringin' stuff in is botherin' me".  Exact quote.

Now here's what bothered me.....First, it's none of your business what I am doing if I am not affecting you.  Second, it's extremely immature for a supposed adult to harass two teens who are minding their own business.  Third, I don't care what bothers you, if I am not doing anything to you, near you, or against you.  Mind your own business and you won't have a problem.

I was a good girl, and we finished getting the stuff upstairs, and I didn't say anything else.  But I did vent later to my aunt and a neighbor.  Come to find out, this woman is 22 years old.  She has 5 kids, the oldest being 9.  And judging by her behavior, she apparently didn't have any strong parental influence in her life as a child, otherwise she wouldn't still be acting like one.

What is that quote? It's better for fools to not say anything, rather than open their mouths and remove all doubt?  Something like that anyway.

This woman certainly showed her lack of maturity yesterday.  Sigh.....


  1. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  2. If she had her first child at 13 or 14 I would say she had absolutely no quality parental influence in her life at all. Hope you find a permanent home soon. Good luck.

  3. The sad thing is she probably really doesn't have the intelligence or skills to act any other way. Brings to mind another quote: "There but for the grace of God go I."

    I think you handled the situation better than I would have!

  4. Well handled on your part. Actually, I feel kind of sorry for her (and you as well for having to put up with her). She probably never had a chance.