August 9, 2012

NC Storms

Here in NC, I am learning that what looks like a storm won't necessarily end up being one.  More than once since I got down here, we have gotten black clouds, tons of thunder...and no rain.  Even the old wives tale of leaves flipping isn't a guarantee of rain.  This photo above, is the second time in this week that I have seen one of these amazing extra wide rainbows.  They are just spectacular!

I seriously could not make up the photos below...the skies have been incredible lately.  None of them have been photoshopped or anything like that.  This is straight off my camera on my phone:

This one below, I did change the lighting setting on the camera, but that was it.


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    1. Thanks Theresa, glad you stopped by!

  2. wow -good pictures ,the apt complex looks nice

    1. Thanks Judy :) The apartment complex is ok, as far as apartments go...nothing great, but then again, I'm not an apartment type person.