August 19, 2012

Science Museum

Yesterday the boys, myself and my aunt ventured to Raleigh to the science museum.........WOW!!!  I was extremely impressed with the place, and we will be going back again.

This is actually part of the attached building, called the Research Center.  We didn't venture in there, but will next time we go.  This globe was just awesome!

Just inside the main entrance is a great display of stuff, including the jaw of a shark.  Can't remember the name of it, but it is apparently the largest in the world.  And my 14yr old knew what it was before I read the plaque.  His face and excitement was worth the 40 minute drive.  He has never been to a large museum before and this was exactly why I went...he LOVED it!!!!  His reaction to things was fabulous, and just made me smile :)

Joe was in heaven, checking out different types of wood available in NC, along with the gems/minerals.  He enjoyed it all, although he is more reserved about showing it lol.

Like a lot of boys, Tom is obsessed with dinosaurs, and has been since he was itty bitty.  He was in awe of the giant dinosaur displays.  And a bit corny too lol.  He is the family clown after all.

For lunch, we walked outside the museum, and right next door is the Pharaoh's Cafe.  It is inside the History Museum (which we will be going to next time).  Great burgers and hot dogs, excellent prices too.  Just what we needed to get us energized to see the next 2 floors of the museum.

Just outside the cafe is a replica of the Liberty Bell.  Apparently each state got one of these.  Tom accidentally scared a poor little boy who was standing too close to it, when he pulled the bottom part, to make the bell ring.  It is VERY loud :)  I apologized to the little boy and the mom, as I didn't see Tom getting ready to pull it, or I would have warned them lol.  Joe did it later in the day, and we did warn the couple that was standing a bit close to it.

The displays of the different types of environments in NC were fabulous, and extremely well done.

I think I will print this photo out to send to grandparents and their dad.  I would like to do the other one above, of them at the bell, but Tom was being a goof.

All in all, an amazing day!  And the best part....admission is free.  The only thing we had to pay for was $4 per person to see the 3D movie on dinosaurs.  They do special exhibits, which cost money, and we will be going to the Titanic exhibit later in the year (one of Joe's passions), at $14/person, but it's so worth it.

Today is rainy, and we are all tired from the day of walking, so we are taking it easy.  I really wanted to go to church, but we are wiped.  The boys are sleeping late today, which they deserve :)

Hope you all have a great Sunday!



  1. Love science museum trips. Last time we went there was a special traveling show all about mummies and my oldest and another kid were spouting off facts before me and the other mom could read the plaques on them - what is it with kids and their facts?? We really should stop letting them read so much...right? ;) Glad hear you had a good time!

    1. I know!!! Darn us moms and those books...what were we thinking lol.


  3. Looks like you all had a lot of fun and good for you for exploring your new territory! It's funny how often we've lived in places and yet never took advantage of the things there are to see and do.

    1. Oh don't I know that Leigh :) Lived in NH most of my life and there are lots of things there I never saw. Oh well, adventures for when we go back to visit! :)