September 10, 2012


I know, I should be grateful.  I really should.  But it annoys me when people take advantage of you.

My cousin text me this morning, and told me she would be home about 2pm.  After a phone call from her just a few minutes ago, now it's 4-6pm.  Meaning, too late for me to drive home, in the dark, on roads I don't know.

Why is she late?  Oh well, she has to go see the dentist, and the doctor.....I get her tooth hurts, and she has was is most likely a sinus infection.  But honestly, she could have done those things after we left.  Like, tomorrow.

Yes I am cranky.  Her animals haven't let me sleep all week more than a couple hours.  I want to be where I am comfy, and have my stuff around me.

Sorry, had to vent.  And this will be the last time I house sit :)


  1. When stuff like this happens, I always wish I'd put a deadline on it up front. "Yes, I can do such and such but I have to be home at __." Then when they call, "okay, remember I have to be home at ___. I'm sure everything will be fine until you get here." I never do though.

    1. We did manage to get home yesterday. I text her and asked if she minded if I left. I don't see the need to stay just so she can go to the doctors. The dogs are used to being left alone for a couple hours, so there was really no need for me to be there.

  2. You see it all worked out. Now that a long hot bath and relax....:)