September 4, 2012

Asheboro Zoo

For the next week, we are house sitting for my cousin near High Point, while she and her hubby go on a much needed vacation.  We are also babysitting the dogs (two adorable beagles), two cats and two birds.  

As a bit of a "thank you", she treated us yesterday to a trip to the Asheboro Zoo.  None of us had ever been to a zoo, so it was a great trip!  Very muggy, and we did get rained on towards the end, but so worth it!

Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend, and that your week is blessed!


  1. Looks like you are settling in just fine.

  2. Looks like an absolutely fantastic zoo. I love it when the animals have so much room.

    1. It was Leigh :) I guess from what the website says, it is over 500 acres. Definitely plenty of room for all the animals :)