September 12, 2012

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!  Our agenda today is school work for the boys, laundry, and working on some genealogy projects for friends.  That last one was on my list yesterday, but I never managed to get to it.  I love doing it, and G-d willing, I will be able to call myself a professional in a year or less, and can add to our family income.

I have been puttzing online, adding things to Pinterest and Facebook.  Here are a few good things to share:

photo courtesy of Simply So Good

I am going to attempt to make this crusty bread today.  I will make the dough later this afternoon, and let it sit overnight, baking it tomorrow.  I will do it plain for the first try and see how it comes out.

 photo courtesy of The 8th Gem

I really love this block stitch, and when I am done with my first crochet felted project, think I will give it a try.

photo courtesy of Backwoods Bob

I think this is a brilliant idea!  Using cattle panels to shore up a shed where you need one.  There are also a few I have seen where they make a hoop greenhouse using the traditional pvc pipe layout, but then reinforce with cattle panels.  For anyone with snow, that would be a great way to make sure they are more sturdy.

Ok, I could spend all day on the computer if I am not to get busy!!  Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Hey, girlfriend!

    HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO YOU TOO! I know what you mean about how easy it is to stay on the computer all day. I have been TRYING to set myself a time allotment but that never works! LOL

    I love the idea with the cattle fencing. I never thought of that. I can't wait to see how your bread comes out. I would like to try this too for the boys.

    Love ya, friend~

    1. Thanks for stopping by sweetie!! Yes, it is hard when it comes to the computer lol. Love ya too!