September 7, 2012

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Well, we have been at my cousin's for six days.  We are ready to go home to my aunt's place.  We thought it would be nice to get away, but it's just .... ehhhh.  Can't explain it really.  Will be glad when Monday gets here and they are home, so we can head home.

Another deceiving thing:

The pets.  This is Fancy on the left, and Kirby on the right.  Now they look cuter than cute right?  Hah!  Fancy is a holy terror, barking at every little peep she hears.  Kirby is pretty laid back, but the both of them, given the chance will be sneaky.  Kirby got into a bag of "stuff" from the cat's litter box that I had set in the garage and forgot to put into the big trash can.  And he wonders why his tummy doesn't feel good today.  Fancy has been caught up in the kitchen chair more than once today, and did finally manage to steal a package of my smarties.

Add in a sick cat (Roxy), who will not stay off the kitchen counters, and a mouthy cat (Casper) who caterwauls for no reason at all.....yeah it's a blast here lol.

We do have a new pet, that will be going home with us.  And yes he is quiet.  Meet Bowser, the box turtle:



  1. Sounds like the dogs and cats are trying to get away with whatever they can while their "parents" are away! Sometimes a whole week can seem longer than . . . well, a whole week!

    1. Aint that the truth Mama Pea! We may be cramped at my aunt's apartment, but it feels more like home :)