September 1, 2012

Putter Day

Thanks to a hand that is almost double it's size today, I am just puttering.  It started two days ago, feeling like maybe I did something to my thumb...extreme pain whenever I moved it, and especially if I tried to use it at all.  Initially I thought I did something to it in my sleep.  But it seems it's just a flare up of the RSD.

It does that without notice, although sometimes I can feel the muscle spasms coming on, which usually means more pain and swelling.  It's the nature of the disorder, and not much I can do about it.  It does limit what I can do though.

I am puttering here and there, getting all my clothes hung on hangers so I don't have to look at a laundry basket.  I also made pre-packaged cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

This afternoon I will be babysitting my cousin's little boys for a few hours.  My aunt was due to do it, but had to go to urgent care this morning and they had to remove her big toenail.  It is numb right now, but she is expecting quite a bit of throbbing and swelling later.  I will take at least one of my boys with me, since I can't lift Ayden.  He is 15 months, and built like a tank lol.  I like spending time with the little ones, but it reminds me that I am way past that stage of life.  A few hours is enough lol.

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend.  I will be heading over towards High Point tomorrow (about 2hrs away), to house sit for my other cousin for a week.


  1. Ooof! So sorry to hear about your hand. I suppose all you can do is wait it out. Hope you feel better really soon.

    You haven't said much lately about your search for land in your new location. Just wondering how that's going for you.

    Good thing you have your strong and willing boys to help out when you're a little handicapped. I got a chuckle out of you saying one of the little guys you're babysitting is built like a tank. Years ago we got a Christmas card from friends of ours that included a picture of them and their then 18 month old son. He was dressed in the cutest red long sleeve jersey and jeans on his stubby little legs. She wrote, "As you can see, _____ has bulked up a little bit since you last saw him." I laughed and laughed because the little guy did look like a miniature olympic weight-lifter!

  2. Puttering can be both fun and useful when you do it cuz you want. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your hand. Absolutely no fun to be in pain like that. Hope it's better soon.