October 8, 2012


Our local weather station and The Weather Channel are both saying it's in the 50's today.  Yeah, I want what they are smoking lol.

With the wind, I guestimate that it's actually in the low 40's.  It's freezing out.  I don't have a winter jacket yet, but will be getting one soon.  Until then, layers will have to do me.

Sadly, I don't have a garden to worry about, otherwise this would probably be a post like the rest of my blogging buddies, about the scramble to get stuff in before frost.  Instead it's just a northern gal whining about how cold it is in the south :P

And just to give myself perspective:

 Mt. Washington, in NH, got it's first snowfall of the season.  The auto road was only open to about 4,000 ft, due to the icy road.  Mt. Washington is 6,288 ft above sea level, and one of the most extreme weather places on earth.  Guess the low 40's aren't so bad lol.

And on a side note, I just realized that I mentioned this little tidbit on Facebook, but didn't put it on my blog yet.....I am going to be a grammy again! :)  My 20yr old daughter is pregnant.  I am desperately trying to get her to move down here, but for the moment, she is happy where she is.  She is doing well at her new job at Walmart, and despite some glitches with her car again (her dad is getting it fixed), she is doing well.

I'm off to meet my new doc this afternoon.  I hope he is good.  I got all the reams of paperwork filled out, so they can order my records from NH.

Have a great day!!


  1. Congratulations! My one and only grandbaby is 18 months and she's a real blessing in my life. Glad to hear your daughter is dong well. Blame that NC chilliness on the humidity!

    1. Thank you Leigh! I am praying she moves down here though. I adore my other two by my step daughter, so I know exactly what you mean.