October 31, 2012

Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls

What do you do when it is in the 30's with the windchill, and you don't want to turn the heat on?  You bake of course!

Yesterday I gave the Farm Bell recipe for homemade hamburger and hot dog rolls a try.  The photo above is the result.

They tasted delish!  We used the hot dog rolls last night for our giant hot dogs that we get from Aldi's and I was very happy with the recipe.  The only thing I think I will do differently next time is to lay the hot dog rolls side by side.  As they cooked, they flattened out a bit, making them too big for the hot dogs.  I cut a bit off of each side to make them smaller before putting the hot dogs into them.  Other than that, they were perfect.

I have tried several recipes so far at Chickens In The Road, and have to say, you are missing out if you haven't yourself.  You can either search by category, or for a specific thing, and they are sure to have it.

On a "Sandy" note, I got to talk to my mom back in NH last night.  They made out pretty well.  They got winds about 60mph, making the house feel like it was shaking.  They lost power for about 15 hrs, and lost the 12ft flag pole on the front hill, but other than that, no damage.  They will be watching the basement closely over the next week or so though, because they are supposed to get a ton of rain as the storm comes back around.  They have a sump pump, to help keep the basement dry (and prevent the furnace from getting wet), in case the springs send water in like it did during the Mother's Day floods from back in 2006.

Still waiting to hear from two of my cousins in CT, but they got hit hard with power outages and flooding, so it might be a bit.

Hope you all have a great day :)  I am off to the oral surgeon this afternoon for a consultation.     


  1. Those buns looks great! Glad to hear your mom is ok and we'll pray that everything in her basement stays dry. Hope you hear from your cousins soon! Good luck at the oral surgeons...

    1. They were Mama Tea :) I highly recommend the recipe :) The oral surgeon went well, have to go back in on Nov 27th.

  2. I heard there's been some pretty bad flooding in parts, thanks to Sandy. I hope your folks continue to be okay. Your buns look fantastic! I certainly agree about baking on a chilly day.

    1. Yes, lots got hit hard. Thankfully the biggest thing my parents need to worry about with the rain is watching the basement and kicking on the sump pump.