October 17, 2012

Just What We Needed

We have always rented, but it has been a LONG time since I have lived in an actual apartment complex.  It's the first time for my boys.  It's difficult for them, to not have the freedom to just go outside and "be", without getting comments from rude neighbors and the like.

We were invited by a friend of my Aunt's, and now a friend of ours, to go to a cookout today.  I connected with the hostess more than I thought I would :).  I had chatted with Rose a few times, when we visited the flea market up in Henderson, but nothing major.  She and her hubby Joe opened their home to us all today, and they were the nicest folks!  I absolutely adore her now lol.

They offered to let the boys use their go-cart (they both refused, nervousness I think), cooked us lunch, and gave us a tour of their dog kennels.  They breed pugs, and they have a wonderful setup.  They also have chickens that Tom fell in love with.

And Joe got to demonstrate his skill in making a homemade rocket stove. 

Lea and her hubby Chris were also there, more friends from the flea market.  Lea and I are very much alike in our life style, so it is always great to hang out with her.

And I got to meet the sweetest lady, Miss Alice.  She is a doll, and can't wait to get to chat with her more.  All in all, it was an amazing day, spent where we are most comfy, on some land in the woods, and with good friends.

Tomorrow we are headed to the state fair, looking forward to that!

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