October 19, 2012

NC State Fair

Yesterday the boys, my aunt, and I ventured out to the state fair.  We hadn't been to a fair down here yet, and were looking forward to it.  One day out of the fair each year, with the help of Food Lion, you can get in for free, just by donating 4 cans of Food Lion brand food.  Of course, with our tight budget, this was perfect!  And apparently, we made it onto the news....my cousin called this morning to say that he saw my aunt and the boys on the news last night for a few seconds, as we were entering the fair grounds, dropping off the food.

courtesy of WRAL

We spent over 2 1/2 hours at the first spot as we entered the fairgrounds.  We went in to gate 8, and right there was the Heritage Circle area.  We got to see a blacksmith shop working, a tobacco barn drying, bluegrass concert, and a steam powered sawmill.  There were also live demonstrations of various skills, like a gentleman who still makes dough bowls from hand for bread making.  Joe wants to try his hand at that.

We were a bit disappointed in the food.  We only have our fair in NH to compare to, and let me just say that using frozen fries will not win you any prizes.  We also went into a building called Village of Yesteryear.  It is a large circle building and contains all sorts of handcrafts.  The skill of all these wonderful people was amazing!

Then it was off to find the animals.  For Tom, this was the most disappointing thing, and I have to agree with him.  We, again, only have our fair to compare it to, but there wasn't 1/3 of the livestock there, that we would see in NH, and our fair is much smaller.  We did see about 6 breed of cows (1 of each), and I have 2 new ones to research, that could be a viable option for our future homestead of the dexters I want don't work out.  There were only 3 breeds of goats there, and some mini donkey's.  Maybe 20 chickens, 10 rabbits, a few sheep, a few pigs, two mules, and a horse and her foal.  We are used to barns upon barns of animals, and being able to pet and talk to them.  Apparently due to the Ecoli risk, and I get it, you are not allowed to touch the animals at all anymore.  There are the portable cattle panels set up to hold the animals, and then another barricade about 3 feet outside that, to keep humans away.  Disappointing, but you have to follow the rules.

We walked a TON, had fun, and over all it was a good experience.  The weather held out, and it didn't start raining until right as we were walking to the car.  Here are a few pictures I took yesterday:

 Outdoor cooking demonstration
 Steam powered sawmill
 Sawmill in action
 Steam boiler
 Amazing wood carvings
 Broom making
 Large Loom
 Antique plow
 Antique washer
 Sharpie Sailboat being built
 Baby Mini Donkey
 Percheron foal
 Percheron Horse
 Garden display
 Train garden display - the trains were great!
 Pretty garden art
 Creative garden art using nature
Wood carving



  1. I was disappointed this year with the animals. There are usually so many more. As for the frozen french fries I saw a couple venders selling them but there were also freshly made fries, freshly made spiral fries, and freshly made sweet potato fries. Love the spiral fries!! Also loved the barns with all the poultry. Always find some weird looking chicken I never saw before. Glad you had a fun time.

  2. Stephanie, it looks like it was so much fun! I never made it to the fair in Raleigh. Nor the Mountain State Fair in Asheville. The one in Upstate SC is exceptionally non-impressive. I do know that.

    1. Thanks for the head's up about the one in Asheville, maybe we can go to that one next year. :)