October 29, 2012

Sandy Update

We are still fine here in NC.  Although it is super cold, and the winds are much stronger than yesterday (about 35mph, with gusts of 45 or so), and we are getting rain finally. 

What we are getting right now is actually the back side of the storm, as it moves more towards VA and the northeast.

On a side note, one sad development for my 16yo son is that the HMS Bounty, tall ship replica, apparently has sunk off the coast of NC.  My son is a huge tall ship fan, and this just breaks his heart.  My prayers go out to the crew, who had to abandon ship into lifeboats and are being rescued as we speak.  Conflicting reports have either 2-3 missing crew members. 

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  1. Very much appreciate your updates, Stephanie. Keep 'em coming, please.