October 30, 2012

Sandy's Back End

Compared to those in NY, NJ, CT and other northeast states, we made out easy.  The coast got some damage, but for the most part, inland, we are just really cold (30's with wind chill) and a bit of rain.

The winds are still blowing at about 20mph with gusts over 30 at times.  It was extremely loud last night!

I have checked in with some people back home in NH, via Facebook, but my parents must be without power still, as I can't get ahold of them yet.  I am also waiting for family in Stamford and Bridgeport CT to check in online, but from what I have heard, they got hit really badly, so it may be awhile (they sit on the back side of Long Island Sound, where wind gusts were up around 90mph and flooding).

NH isn't out of the woods yet, as they are going to get buried in rain today and tomorrow from the back side of this storm coming back in off the ocean.

My prayers go out to all those who were hit by the full force of this storm.  And prayers for my ex hubby (the kid's father) and his brother as they go out in the aftermath to help get power back up to people. 

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  1. Yes, the public utility guys (and many other workers) are going to be putting in some hard hours/days doing their best to get things back to a near normal state. So many of these workers have to go out to do unusual and sometimes dangerous work in the worst weather so the rest of us don't suffer more than necessary. Hats off to them!