October 13, 2012

This and That Update

I realized last night that it is has been a while since I have done a general update, so I thought I would share this morning.

On my Dad:  He had a bit of a scare the last few weeks...his liver numbers were "off".  We thought initially that it was from his cataract surgery, but the doc said no.  Turns out it was just because he wasn't drinking enough water.  He had his PET scan and it came back clean.  He will be having an MRI of his head in the next week or so, and we are expecting good results from that one too.

On my daughter:  She is trying to adjust to the hormones that are raging in her body since she is now carrying a little one.  Cranky is the word I would choose lol.  She is doing very well at her new job at Walmart, despite having to hitch rides from friends and family because her car died.  Her dad is in the process of getting his truck tweeked so she can use that, while he gets hers into the garage.  She, her boyfriend, and another friend are busy saving up so that they can get an apartment.  Probably will be in the next month or so.  So excited for her!

On us: We are doing good. We all went to see our new family doctor this week, and like him :).  Tom goes to the dentist this week to get a temporary filling replaced with a permanent one, and I am picking up a referral to see an oral surgeon in Raleigh.  It looks like I can't get my bottom plate  just yet.  I may not have enough bone to hold one, so I might have to have artificial bone grafting.  Might be just the ticket to lose the 50lbs I need to take off, since I will be pretty much on a liquid diet for about a month :).

We are going to have a super busy week coming up, with a couple doctor's appointments, a cookout with new friends, and the NC State Fair.  Should be fun though!

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are off to do the dreaded grocery shopping.


  1. Good to read your update. What's the latest on the property seeking? Will you be pursuing that over winter or waiting until spring?

    1. That would have been a good thing to write about huh? LOL! I am still watching the housing/property market down here, keeping an eye on some specific MLS that I'm interested in. Once I do my taxes, I can pay off those little things on my credit, and then we can get the loan process in motion. Looking at March to be out of here.

  2. I hope it goes well for your dad. I hope finding property goes well too.