November 2, 2012

17 Years Ago

Seventeen years ago today, at three weeks overdue, I went into the hospital to have this amazing kid.  It was touch and go through the whole delivery for various reasons, including his heart stopping for a couple seconds, but it in the end, everything was perfect.

So, in honor of his birthday today, here are seventeen things about him that make him special:

1.  He has his father's sense of humor, which means sometimes he is a smart alek.

2.  He loves boats and ships, especially tall ships.  He nearly cried this week when he found out that the HMS Bounty sank.  He has actually been on that ship when he was about 7 and the tall ships came to NH.

3.  He is a self taught piano player, and an extremely good one.

4.  He is huge history buff.  He has learned more on his own from reading about history than anyone could ever teach him.

5.  He tolerates his younger brother, even though they are complete opposites.

6.  If he could, he would live in the woods by himself, living on nothing but his wits.

7.  He can't spell to save his life, and his handwriting is atrocious.

8.  He is loyal to a fault to both his friends and family.

9.  He has had stitches twice....once due to someone else, and once due to himself.

10.  He loves to build things, whether with his own hands, or in his Minecraft video game.

11.  He didn't start reading on his own until he was 8, but since he was about 10, has read at a college level.

12.  He will someday in the near future have his own blacksmithing forge.

13.  He is a pack rat.

14.  He is part McGyver.  He uses his pack rat stash to create the most amazing things.  String is his best tool.

15.  He is a bit computer illiterate, even though he uses one on a daily basis.

16.  His favorite food is pizza.

17.  He has turned out to be an amazing young man!


  1. Happy Birthday to your very handsome 17 year old! (I think our world would be much better off if more young people knew how to work with their hands.)

    P.S. His mama deserves a lot of credit for the awesome young man he's become.

    1. I agree about kids knowing how to do things with their hands Mama Pea! :) I never have to worry about him, I know he will always find a way to take care of himself. And thank you, I am blushing over here :)