November 12, 2012

On A Happier Note

Yesterday, as part of Joe's birthday present, we went to the North Carolina Science Museum in Raleigh again.  This time it was to go to the Titanic exhibit that is in town until April.

Joe has been a fan since he was about 3 years old, and can tell you everything there is to know about the Titanic, right down to the most intricate detail of it's construction, how it sank, and the fact that he thinks it might be the Olympia instead.  

He has seen every single documentary ever made on it, any movie (yes, we have gone through several vhs tapes and dvds of Titanic).  It was a gift that I couldn't give him while we were in NH.  The closest it would come to us up there was Boston, 2 hours away.  I also would not go to Boston without a big burly guy with me.  Boston is a scary place.  Raleigh is too, I suppose.  But being only 40 minutes away, we were able to get in and get out fairly easily, especially on a Sunday.

Unfortunately they didn't allow pictures inside the exhibit, so this is a shot of him holding his collector coin he bought, his card from the exhibit, and his "person".  As you went into the exhibit, they gave you a card laying out a person that you were while in the exhibit, an actual passenger on the voyage.  At the end you checked the wall to find out if you lived or died.  We all survived.  


  1. I'm always amazed at the fascination surrounding the Titanic. We're not immune! What a treat to be able to see the exhibit.

    1. The funniest part was he said to me before we went in "Sorry in advance if I don't stop talking". I laughed. The whole time we were in there, he was speechless.

  2. What a truly meaningful birthday present for your son. The fact that he was speechless says it all!